Glowing Ping Pong Ball (throwable)





Introduction: Glowing Ping Pong Ball (throwable)

I was reading an instructable on how to make glowing ping pong balls. There was a problem though, you couldn't throw them because they were attatched. Ball+ LED throwie= alot of fun.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
a ping pong ball
a razor blade 
and a LED throwie magnet optional (by Q-Branch)

Step 2: Cut the Ball

Using the razor cut the ball along the seam. Make the slit just big enough to fit the throwie through.

Step 3: Insert the Throwie

This is the hardest part. Try sliding the throwie in without screwing the ball up. It might take a few tries.

Step 4: Your Done!

Congratulations you've made the worlds most pointless toy! It looks cool though.



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    u should add a switch and i think it would be better to add dried glow stick powder or just normal glow powder that way u dont have to do any electronic work lazy lol

    What is "dried glow stick powder"?


    I think what he means is fluorescent glow powder. My dad bought some of that stuff a while back for some experiments. It works by putting it in sun light (or artificial light) and then putting it in a dark room.

    you can re-seal it with a hot nail too!

    you better watch your temperatures though, ping pong balls are quite flammable

    I would love to make up about a hundred of these and float them down a river at night. Think it would make an awesome arial photo. Of course, you would have to pick them all up down stream.