Gmjhowe's Manager's Command and Control Seat of Righteousness (Captain Kirk's Chair)

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Step 8: Get back to the controls...

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I had to make do with limited art supplies on hand so here are the results.

The papier mache to form the instrument panels came out pretty rough. I was using paper bag paper which is too stiff for fine details and I was running out of glue so the glue/water mixture was not optimal. Also, 87% hot humid summer days do not really encourage papier mache to dry.

The rocker switches, buttons, lamp bezels, and toggle switches were all formed by folding cardboard or rolling up thin strips of cardboard to form the base. Papier mache rounded off the shapes.

When the papier mache dried, I painted the three instrument panels with some oil based porch paint I found, it is still sticky so you might notice some smear marks on other parts.

I used construction paper for the colored switches and lights. A layer of packaging tape covers it and gives it that glassy sheen. If you snip the tape where it bends or folds, you can get it to conform smoothly to the shape you want it to be.,

I wrapped the toggle switches with a bit of the white duct tape.

I had no blue paint so I tried a crayon to color the intercom. Didn't come out so well. The grille material is a piece of fiberglass drywall tape that I glued in there. A black crayon was rubbed over it to accentuate the grid pattern.

Make a memory chip by wrapping a piece of cardboard that fits into the slot with construction paper. I couldn't find any old floppy disks to use.

Lastly, cut small pieces of white paper to make the labels for the instrument panel.