Step 5: Getting the ants

Picture of getting the ants
if you wanted to buy ants online with a queen i say go for it .but i just went down to the park at the end of the street where there were plenty of ant hills so i got my shovel and a bucket with a lid that closed tightly (very important) .i would recommend spraying off or some other type of insect spray on your hands to keep any ants from biting

unfortunately the majority of ants we have around here are fire ants .they not only bit but they have a stinger since they evolved from the wasp .another unfortunate trait of the fire ant is that they are extremely temperamental and defensive .so if their nest is disturbed they swarm .so its important to act fast and precise to limit the contact with the ants .once again its a good idea to spray with off to discourage the ants from biting

get your bucket ready and close to the mound .if the mound has grass growing up threw it you will need to pierce the mound multiple times to cut the grass and allow you to scoop the dirt into the bucket .get as many shovels full as possible into your bucket and quickly place the lid back on .depending on how many ants you want you many need to go to more then one nest .but try not to as ants from different mounds act like the jets and sharks .minus the singing and dancing

the easiest way to separate the ants from the dirt of their mound is to get a large bucket or tub .fill it with some water and pour in the entire contents of the bucket dirt grass ants and all .wait and you will start seeing the ants float to the top and then start to gather together into "ant rafts" .with a spoon or something like it push the small rafts together to make a larger and larger ant raft .once you're satisfied with the amount of ants floating on top .scoop them up and place them in the ant farm they will take awhile to get moving around after having been wet but once they dry out some they will start to dig .fast and deep .it only took the ants i collected a day and a half to dig 18 down and reach the bottom of the farm
benthekahn6 years ago
Another instructable says that ants can be captured by putting a bucket over their nest and lining the top inside rim with oil. Apparently the ants will try to climb into the bucket but slip on the oil, and be unable to get out.