Good Value V Quality! Ericsson Headphones





Introduction: Good Value V Quality! Ericsson Headphones

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lets just get straight into this...I bought some sony ericson headphones for £5 considerabley less than the bluetooth headphones which can cost up to £50!,they were good value but the quality is verrry bad, i will show you some techniques to help improve them, to make better contacts and to improve the part with the button on it...

Step 1: What You Need and the Handsfree Phone Awnserer

the first flaw i noticed with these headphones was when i stored them in my schoolbag they would get bashed around and eventually the handsfree awnserer split open, leaving all the vunerable wires exposed i tried glueing the parts together but they still split apart when it got bashed around i came up with this fix...

Step 2: The Plug

another flaw that i found was the works fine for the first few days after purchase, but after plugging it in and out a few times it started to weaken which resulted in the contacts in the plug not touching the contacts in the phone very well...this makes the sound crackly when you listen to the radio or mp3s, i came up with this fix after a while when i got annoyed and was trying to force the plug into the phone and then SNAP!

Step 3: The Ear-buds

i havent dont this but i have noticed that the speakers in the ear-bud housings rattle around, this is really annoying! i thought you could of put some hot glue or paper into the housings to press them to the sides of the housings...well thats it, another instructable done until i find more insperation...or problems! bye!



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    I do have a SonyEricsson phone, I've previously bought some cheap handsfree, but I still don't understand this instructable, nor how it will help me.

    4 replies

    How was that not-nice? I had the same phone and know these earbuds well (and would not consider them crap) ... but am too having difficulties realizing for what reason this ible was made.

    Sorry if it was a bit too harsh. Let me try to point out how you can improve:
    • What's the point of this instructable?
    • What are you trying to achieve?
    • How are you going to do that?
    • If you are trying to fix or improve something, then you have "before" and "after" states. Try to describe them very well, and how the "after" state is better than "before".
    • If something fails, describe that too.
    Right now, this instructables is a bunch of (bad) photos with not-so-clear descriptions.

    Thanks for the tip with the plug, i have the same problem with my SE phone and will try this out.

    Don't remove it, just go through and check your spelling and add some punctuation and capitalization.

    This needs to have the spelling checked, the pictures re-taken, the instructions futhur expanded and could use more capitalization and punctuation.

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    the macro on my camera was broken for some reason thats why some pictures were blurry and some were clear

    Hey do those ones not have removable ear phones because the difference is £20 then for the newer ones that come with the walkman phones, it's £25 and I don't think that includes the headphones, by the way the other ones do have great headphones, not at all like them, though I have great pair of older earbud ones too...

    Cool. Should spell check, you should capitalize and stuff. Pictures shouldn't be blurry, and it should have more instructions. Basically what GreenDay said, but he's right.