Introduction: Gopro Diy Stablizer

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easy and cool project

Step 1: Starting

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firts you will need and rc drive shafts joint, but its better to get an plastic big one

Step 2: Handle Part

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ive used an cork to do the handle,

you will need to cut one, and the joint too

than do a hole in the cork put the joint and glue

Step 3: Frame

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get a piece of rounded aluminium and let straight

and bend like the pictures

and do 2 holes on the top

one to the gopro tripod adapter and other to the handle

Step 4: Balance

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to do the balance you will need an solid iron

Step 5: Almost Finishing

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bend the aluminium around the iron

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

than after painted will stay almost like this

hope you enjoy!


mxx (author)2017-04-08

Good work, looks nice and very useful!! I'm inspired to try something similar.

mtairymd (author)2015-03-27

Nice job. I plan to build something very similar from the arm of a broken office chair - it's metal and has the perfect shape. I'm looking to buy the handle and universal joint. Since you can buy a basic stabilizer for ~ $30, I'm looking to only spend about $10 on these parts. Any suggestions?

lucas_kolling (author)mtairymd2017-01-06

cool, always better make rather than buy!

The Pencil Guy (author)2015-03-27


thanks bro1!!

seamster (author)2015-03-27

Very nice! I've needed something like this!

It looks like the hardest part to source (and most crucial) is that RC drive shaft. Any ideas of an alternate item that could be used?

lucas_kolling (author)seamster2017-01-06

thanks!! like the friend here said, i have buyed from aliexpress too!

lucas_kolling (author)seamster2015-03-27

i was thinking that too, but it is easy, ive buyed from here" " its easy, but like i said, this iron one is not good, you should get an plastic bigger one

NathanSellers (author)2015-03-27

Great idea. I'd love a little more instruction on the build.

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