I love eating my lunch in the park, but sometimes am too busy to leave my desk or to find a nearby green space. By combining a shallow serving tray with real grass I can take the park with me wherever I go, with the grass lunch tray!

Making your own is super easy, and having your own personal green space at your desk is bound to be an attention-getter at your office.
Let's make!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Step 2: Cut plastic sheet

Picture of Cut plastic sheet

Unroll the plastic sheet to cover the entire bottom and sides of the serving tray. This plastic will act as a barrier between the sod and the surface of the tray and should be monolithic (no breaks or cuts in the plastic which water can seep through).

I cut a rough shape of plastic that was larger than I thought I would need, then draped it over the tray.

Step 3: Glue in place

Picture of Glue in place

Before trimming the plastic to the final dimensions I glued it in place.

Positioning the plastic where I wanted I used a dab of hot glue in each corner of the tray and then pressed the plastic into the glue, securing it in place. I glued the rest of the corners while gently pulling the plastic taut. Once the corners were glued down, I glued the edges of the plastic sheet to the inside of the serving tray.

Step 4: Trim plastic

Picture of Trim plastic
Once the glue had cooled I trimmed the excess plastic from the tray.

Since my serving tray had handles I also trimmed the plastic from around the handle openings so they would be usable.

Step 5: Rough cut sod

Picture of Rough cut sod

The smallest section of sod I could buy was 8sq.ft (4' x 2' section). Since this was too large for my serving tray I needed to cut it down to size.

Unrolling the sod outside, I cut a section a little larger than my serving tray with a putty knife.

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Bard5 months ago

thats is so cool now all you need is a matching lawn chair

this is cool...I'm waiting for you to "invent" a little lawn mower to trim it :D

Or, you know, a remote controlled mini tractor or something. LOL

Jchoochie7 months ago
A little lawn mower is needed.

Hahah! Yes! Next instructable: Teeny Working Lawnmower.

MAAgius Jchoochie7 months ago

Or some very small sheep.

This is absolutely great! Do you have to water the grass? How would it work for long term use? C:

jessyratfink7 months ago

I'm famoussssssss!!

I love this project. It's so cute. :D

Where are the ants???? =)

LOL this is super awesome. I thought the picture might have been a family member and I guess you are! I did not recognize you. Love your dress. Keep shining you guys.


mikeasaurus (author)  jessyratfink7 months ago

Thanks for being my model, Jessy. You're welcome to use my grassy potable park whenever you like!

mtairymd7 months ago

I like it. The video was cool also.

El_Gato7 months ago
Laughed my Docks oft at the idea. great project, thanks for sharing!
sonicase7 months ago


hmm might be cool to do something like this for desktop mini golf

psargaco7 months ago

Love it! Sort of loony, but cool. The video is very good too.

mrandle7 months ago

This will go great with my hammock! Though now i'm thinking how cool would it be to have a whole dinner table like this. No need to worry about placemats and coasters!

bricobart7 months ago

In an esthetic way, one of your best projects. Nice tray, too.

Oh, geez... now I need to make one of these.
AuralVirus7 months ago


depotdevoid7 months ago

Awesome concept Mike!

mnmama7 months ago

Very clever. I'd love to make one, but my co-workers would be stealing it to practice putting into the drink holder. Cool idea!

Zabzab7 months ago

I love it =D

that is so cool that is a great idea for a lunch tray

Love it. I would use it as a pillow for power sleep :)

WL3FromDC7 months ago
I thought that Sod needs real grass in order for it to keep growing. I may be wrong but great inscrutable
sod is real grass.. it's just been pre-grown, cut, and rolled up.. just so you know..
lindarose927 months ago

This is way too cool! Great idea!! :D

Kiteman7 months ago


Shouldn't you grow the grass from seed?

Oh, you don't need to use grass! A camomile lawn would smell nice, or mix in herbs with your grass seed. Or grow cress instead of grass, add parts of your "lawn" to your lunch.

Or you could create an entire bonzai garden to eat on...

mikeasaurus (author)  Kiteman7 months ago

The original concept was to have chives, mint, and other herbs growing with the grass and "graze". I'm happy with this as a starting point and adding more sections for the next version.

Having herbs with the grass sounds wonderful or leaf lettuce that you can pick the mature leaves and it keeps growing.

Kiteman ChrysN7 months ago

Heck, go the whole hog and cultivate a crop of salad leaves around your cubicle, then browse as you browse...

Great for humans. But also great for cats. They love grass too. Might be great for my birds too. :)

hunter9997 months ago

This is so clever! How did I never think of this?! Awesome idea Mike, bringing the natural feeling to your workstation! :D

I think though it's kind of the environment outside with the breeze and sun shining, which makes eating in the park fun! Amazing job done though, voted :-)

Cheiron hunter9997 months ago
great idea!

you could add a small numbered flag to the drink holder when it's not in use as a serving tray.
sunshiine7 months ago

You are a genius! I will make one of these sometime for someone. I love the dandy lions. Hope you have a splendorous lunch again.


johnstat0007 months ago

For anytime you feel a little like a cow...

Raitis7 months ago

Came here to see if the grass was real. Was not disappointed!

mikeasaurus (author)  Raitis7 months ago


EmKay737 months ago

I visited this whilst looking for a DIY 'real grass' patch for our dog. I would ask how the upkeep was going, but this post looks relatively new. I'll let you know how ours works out.

mikeasaurus (author)  EmKay737 months ago

After a week on my desk my grass is still healthy and green. It even grew a whole bunch over the weekend. I water it about every other day.

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