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Introduction: Grazy Simple Key Hiding Place

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can you tell the difference between those to alarm clock`s? the change is that the second one hides a key .....

i love this trick because it is simple and a lot of things have a 9v battery now .and REALLY is a burglar gone check every battery compartment in your house

Step 1: Remove the Cap

you take the cap of the battery holder . ignore the CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE message because we are not opening the clock itself just the battery compartment .

Step 2: Remove the Batery and Place the Key

remove the 9v battery and lay your key inside the empty compartment

Step 3: Close It Up

put the battery on top of the key and close the compartment is should fit snug and without a noise when you shake the clock around.

so that's how you hide a key without braking something :)



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    Very clever idea, thanks!