I looked across instructables but a couldn't find a instructble about a dynamo power supply so I decided to do some experimenting and it's A reliable power sorce to take almost anywhere. With dynamo and solar charging. It's perfect.If you hook up a battery to th terminals you can chrage the battery
I will try to make an instructable for it eventually
i cant make instructable for it, i dont have the parts anymore. the parts i used arent available anymore because dicksmith no longer sell the parts required
Thanks for adding to Green DIY.<br /> I remember making something exactly like this when I was 8 years old.I hope you submit an instructable for it. Expecting you to add it to Green DIY!<br /> <br /> Cheers<br /> Kabir<br />
where's the instructions?
A dynamo was a reverse motor that is manually spun to produce electricity isn't it?&nbsp; Thanks for this, but if there is a dynamo you should show the dynamo itself as well as the other pics.&nbsp; This instructable is confusing without it. Is it inside the black box?&nbsp; What is the mechanism to turn it?&nbsp; It would help if you would show a pic of the underside of the box if it is in there.<br />

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