Grill Ignitor Mini-taser





Introduction: Grill Ignitor Mini-taser

a cool project for that old broken propane gas grill you have sitting in your backyard, all sad, lonely, and (hopefully) broken.

all you need is the ignitor from a grill, craft wire, electrical tape, and wire cutters or fingernail clippers.

these ignitors are great. they are more powerful than small peizo lighters, easier to ckick but the downside is that for them to shock someone, the spark has to ground itself onto you.i dont know anyone who wants to be stung every time you click one of these, so here is a quick fix.

Step 1: Supplies

scissors, electrial tape, craft wire(more sturdy),nail clippers or wire cutters, and of course, a grill ignitor

Step 2: Wiring Guide

cut a peice of wire about 2.5 times the lenth of the ignitor.

loop the wire down in the small slot like shown, and lopp it to secure it

fold it in half a little farther than the tip of the ignitor.

your going to need to wrap the wire around the body a couple times for it to stay

Step 3: Tape It

bend the wire toward the tip as shown.

experiment! ive found that having about 1/2 an inch makes the brightest, coolest sparks!

i actually got some (blurry) shots of it arcing!

if you spark it near one of those lcd displays with fixed number slots, it will flash the characters up then disappear!

there you have it! a non-painful shocker!



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    dude, these are like nothing shock-wise. try getting shocked by a flyback transformer OWWWW

    If you dont have an old or broken bbq in your garden, where can you get the ignitors from? Also, try make a camera tazer thing. mine make 360-400v. they hurt :(.

    get a electric lighter out of the dollar store and rip it apart it should look like a black thing with a wire and a metal disk on the bottom now the little wire just bend it round so its around 0.5cm off the metal tab now press it down you should see the spark

    It is good but it doesn't shock very hard


    We used to have these in all our desert first-aid kits. Putting 15,000 volts (no amps) through a scorpion sting, according to some, will nutralize the venom by aligning the ions in the venom. We use larger ones for snake bites and such. I can tell you that I've used one on several occasions for this and it really works. the science behind it is a little controversial but I'm a believer.

    i can make a carpet zap as long as 5cm at school, i zap people,

    lol, i used to shock ppl with only thos lighter pienzo electric ignitors. (once my friend stuck it between hit tooth and shocked it) :-P


    I've been in a few bands over the years (electric guitar playing and some singing) and one thing that still makes me cringe 20 years later are the memories of the 1, or 2 times the bare microphone touched my big, half-bucked front teeth (that I did NOT want for Christmas!). . . Holy F@#ck that (still) hurts!