Introduction: Growing Lentils

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Lentils are easy to grow and need sunlight. They are fast growing and will sprout with in a few days.

Step 1: Supplies

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  • paper towels
  • potting soil
  • lentils

Step 2: Prepare Container

  1. make sure your container is 4-5 inches tall
  2. poke holes in the bottom for drainage

Step 3: Prepare Lentils

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  1. get a piece of plastic tupperware
  2. cover lentils with paper towels
  3. add water
  4. soak overnight

Step 4: Plant Lentils

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cover lentils in 1/4 inches of soil

Step 5: Water and Place Somewhere

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  1. water your plant
  2. Put your plant to grow somewhere with a lot of sunlight
  3. I put mine in my cardboard greenhouse but you can put yours on your windowsill.


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