Guide to Most Commonly Used Knex Ball Machine Lifts





Introduction: Guide to Most Commonly Used Knex Ball Machine Lifts

i have seen many a ball machine lift at this site so i thought i'd make a guide to them all cause there were very many of them.

Step 1: Knex Stair Lift

picture courtesy of shadowman39 this lift was featured in the wipeout ball machine

Step 2: Knex Arm Lift

this kind of lift was also featured in wipeout. pics courtesy of i_am_Canadian

Step 3: Knex Double Helix Lift

many people have a hard time finding the pieces to make this lift so this is just a pic preview. thanks to shadowman39 for more pics

Step 4: Knex Inverter Lift

i have been fascinated by how this lift is made and i hope you are too. pics i used from cubemaster53's inverter lift instructable.heres the link to his instructable right here

Step 5: Knex Chain Lift

i find this lift to be the most commonly used lift on this site it consists of knex chain pieces put together with a holder and ejecter put on it so that it can be used as such. need i say more? pics courtesy of cfcubed. these are by far the very simplest to make if you have enough chain

if you don't happen to have enough chain you can buy it easily for about 5 cents (U.S. Currency) from k', Here is the LINK

Step 6: New Concept:mini Chain Lift

this is my new lift idea so use it as you like but if you're using this 'ible to make it then you must acknowledge that i was the person who got the idea first. has a preview for my new mini ball machine mini-me upon which uses that lift type

Step 7: Faq &suggestions As to New Ball Machine Lifts

this is the area of questons ask them here. also if you know of other kinds of lifts then suggest them here ill find em and add em to this ible



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    bad guide the of shadowman are better

    These are by far not all of them, I'm busy making a guide that has 13 lifts

    S*** why does everyone have the same ideas as I have, how many lifts does your instructable have

    S*** that's even more than my guide, does yours have any lifts nobody knows about?

    Yeah, and there will be more when Cataclysm is finished. I'm planning 2-3 new lifts for that.

    Ok, I won't finish my own instructable, It's not even that far yet

    I actually started making/planning it around when I built Wipe Out. It has all of my lifts, plus I need to ask other people's permission to post their lifts.