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sorry about there being no pics i couldn't find the connector cord for my cell phone so i used Google images for pics, but anyway steampunk is  when you take something 21st century and mod it, paint it, and add stuff to make it look as if it was made in the Victorian era or older. Like the stuff from the movies stardust or sky captain and the world of tomorrow.

Step 1: Materials

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junk, junk, and more junk. Mainly brass or tarnished steel. if not use spray paint or acrylic paints. most steampunk material is leather from an old belt or shoe, old clock parts,etc.

Step 2: Making It

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this requires 89%imagination, 5% power tools, 6%materials. you could steampunk clothes, old toys, etc. i usually steampunk my Nerf guns or something but it's up to you

Step 3: The End,fin,etc.,or Something

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well that's pretty much it.


sp1k3sz (author)2014-06-04

people need to relax as far as basic intro to the idea of steampunk you got it people need to stop pretending that steam punk is a life style u sound like goth kids that thinking dressing a certain way makes u a certain way steam punk is a romanticism of Victorian and the great steam age it's kinda self explanatory it a visual sub culture much like new romantics which is a kind of goth very inspired by the Victorian era but seriously people need to stop being so serious about this kinda stuff people being so anal about sub culture and sub culture dress and decor is the reason hipsters are over running the world

holly-g (author)2014-04-13

Wow- all you critics! You really need to make your own guides and just browse others, as your comments are neither helpful or informative. JS- @ Author- good guide you have here. I like your idea of the Nerf products you mention. Wouldn't have thought of steampunk for that . My boys enjoyed this and used your ideas on other play things. Good luck young sir & TY.

Lol the first photo XD

Ceiling cat (author)2010-07-29

Sky Captain is deiselpunk, not steampunk.

Falkenzz (author)Ceiling cat2012-05-20

Yup, Sky Captian should have used steam... -______-

whats the difference

Win Guy (author)Ceiling cat2011-05-15

LOL Literal-taker.

unanonymous (author)Ceiling cat2010-08-03

sry i was thinking of movies that fit the bill like star dust which i haven't seen but probably will

Andyroid0 (author)unanonymous2010-09-16

A lot of the things on here remind me of the gadgetry from 'Wild Wild West'. That movie might be a bit before your time lol. But this steam punk stuff is just awesome looking.

lunius (author)Andyroid02011-01-05

I'm 15, yet I can quote that movie on good days.. I always loved that massive spider and the wheelchair that Dr. Loveless used :D

unanonymous (author)Andyroid02010-09-17


Qagent007 (author)unanonymous2010-09-01

Good job kid on first post. YOu should see the animated movie Steamboy for other ideals. It is slow but has good artwork. Another good one and my Favorite is the Rocketeer.

Falkenzz (author)2012-05-20

Unanonymous, google will become your best friend for modding stuff to make it look steampunk.

abstracted (author)2012-01-17

wild wild west and "bloodbath McGraff" inspired part of my steampunk skull has a steel spike mowhawk, eyebrow piercing, chin piercing, and a grafted "earhorn" and a monical to come.

lemonie (author)2010-07-13

What were you aiming to do with this?
None of the images you chose fit the subject, and the text doesn't really explain anything.


80$man (author)lemonie2011-10-24

The title image was epic enough!

unanonymous (author)lemonie2010-07-13

sry about that but its my first instructable and im only 12 using my dads account, and i couldnt find my camera or cell phone so i had to use google images

robosnitz (author)2011-08-21

The 'Wild,Wild West' with Will Smith was Steampunk,yes?

Ingentes (author)robosnitz2011-09-15

Definitely, It was a really good movie and introduced me to steampunk. But yes, It is.

doomsdayltd (author)2011-07-17

their are so many aspects to steampunk other than this, its all about the style of what the Victorian era would have been with our tech of now. Think outside the box, think how would they make something advanced that we have then. Great examples are jules verne's walking city, they were tanks that resembled elephants.

unanonymous (author)doomsdayltd2011-07-29

ill keep that in mind.

escapefromyonkers (author)2011-03-16

i too just learned that there is a diesel punk from reading the instructable tonight ,the Wikipedia site that was kindly linked to, explained a lot. Knowledge gained =winning

porcupinemamma (author)2011-02-02

Dgerl. Keep trying!!! It's wonderful that you want to participate. There are lots of very kind and helpful people in this community, so don't feel embarassed to ask.

Batness (author)2010-09-14

This is a good start for someone who is only 12.

BUT Steampunk is NOT just about modding or changing things to look old. You might want to look up some other references and inspirations and re-do this Instructable.

unanonymous (author)Batness2010-09-14

ill keep that in mind

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