Picture of guitar body picture frame
its pretty simple , select a piece of wood for your project , i used the top of an old wokbench .
 i havent stained it or painted it yet i just cant decide what colors i should use if any . my woodworking skills are preschool at best an im deff happy with the end result so its not tough you just need focus .

Step 1:

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select a piece of wood , i used the top of an old work bench , i had to use a router to clean up the piece before i did any work i reccomend using a fresh piece so this step can be skipped.
TheWorkerAnt9 months ago
what a fantastic idea. Will definitely be making one soon, have a few pieces I could use and will add pic's once done. Thanks heaps for the "how to" and well done.
hooray for the bc rich mockingbird!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Looking good, can't wait to see the final product!
darkmarc (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
its done just uplaoded a couple pics
great, add them into the body of this Instructable so everyone can enjoy your work!
darkmarc (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
if you have any ideas color schemes lemme know
friger3 years ago
Looks great, what is the guitar you used as a template, it looks nice. Go for a sunburst look.
darkmarc (author)  friger3 years ago
not too sure what the name of the guitar is but i could find out as for the sunburst look send me a pic an i may do it its not done yet an im still toying with a few ideas so the more the better
friger darkmarc3 years ago
Here is a classic 1954 fender sunburst finish.
darkmarc (author)  friger3 years ago
that is sweet but i dont have the skills to do something like that yet an btw i really like your guitar stand really nice
friger darkmarc3 years ago
Thanks, I haven't tried it yet either but never and I mean never underestimate what you can do. Your picture frame is great and could easily be a guitar body.
darkmarc (author)  friger3 years ago
uploaded some new pics
darkmarc (author) 3 years ago