Guitar Pick Keychain





Introduction: Guitar Pick Keychain


guitar pic
old key chain
hole punch

Step 1: Step One

pull the key chain apart.
like the picture

Step 2: Step Two

hole punch the guitar pic close to the top
like so in the picture

Step 3: Step Three

take the single link of chain and loop it threw the hole in the pic
just like the picture

Step 4: Step Four

attach the rest of the chain to the single link

like the picture

Step 5: Step Five

close the single link tight with the pliers

Step 6: Complete



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    8 Discussions

    nice idea!! thanks!! I'll try

    Ok so (Mom here) He will get a lesson in jpg vs raw files later. :) It's been updated for your viewing pleasure.

    This is mom... he's new to using my camera, I'll find the files and reload them for him.

    What kind of files are these? None of them are recognized as image files, either by the Instructables server or by Firefox. You'll have more success if you upload your images as either PNG or JPEG (for photos) or GIF (for line drawings).

    2 replies

    . Looking at the file data, they appear to be from a Canon camera. I'm guessing that not many people can view these files (I can't), so your suggestion to upload as PNG/JPEGs would seem to be a good one.