this is a simple way to make basic but really cool necklaces for anyone.

Step 1: You Will Need

string or ribbon
hole puncher

Step 2: Checking

in this stage, you need to check where the hole puncher will make the hole and so you have a general idea of where to put the plectrum.

Step 3: The Plectrum

This part is all guess- work . you have to put a hole near the plectrum's top. it sounds easy, but getting it to the right place is tricky- this was my failed attempt.

Step 4: Threading

now you add a piece of string, wire or cord through the hole to complete the necklace. after that you are done!

Step 5: Other Things

if you are like me, and you always forget your plectrums, you can put it round a strap or bag and tie it loosely.

Step 6:

exactly! I am playing my guitar obsessively ... once my science teacher made me play in front of the class while he was teaching!
<p>I bet you're never caught without one!</p>

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