Introduction: Guitar Pick (/plectrum) From Old Credit Card / Bank Card

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You can recycle old bank cards, credit cards etc. by making guitar picks out of them!
I always lose my plectrums, so I can never have enough of them lying around. These plectrums are actually not so bad to use and if you can't find a real one, they're the next best thing.

Step 1: Materials

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you need:

1 old bank card / credit card / any old plastic membership card, you get the idea.
1 pair of scissors.

Step 2: Cut Your Plectrums

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Cut picks to desired shape/size as shown in picture. I can get at least 4 out of one card. First cut out rough shape, then trim to "fine-tune".

Step 3: Play!

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start playing! (you can also use them for mandolin, uke, balalaika, saz, citar, banjo for my part...)


HillarS (author)2017-03-04


k_cat (author)2012-10-05

I have actually used old iTunes-vouchers and stuff like that. If you're unhappy with the edges, carefully sand them down.

dreamberry (author)2011-10-30

ha. Wish I'd seen this before cutting up my cards randomly and disposing of the pieces in 3 different bins! If you like 'em real thin, try cutting up an empty plastic milk jug.

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