Guitar Plectrum Case Come Key Ring


Introduction: Guitar Plectrum Case Come Key Ring

About: sooper talented boy

I loss my plectrum again and again so i decided to make a simple case for it-

Step 1: Useful Material

1)old school bag with working chain in it
3)sweing box
4)strong glue
5)glitter paint
6)any 2 alphabets

Step 2: Cutting Process

cut 2 pices of leather or any hard material used in your bag which are 1/2 inches larger than plectrum,
and a chain of same size (size may be more than u measure

Step 3: Sweing

take all pieces you cut and attach tightly with neddle and thread and make a box of it.
i didnt attach any picture but i think you all can do it easily,..

Step 4: Do Some More...

after that cover the whole case except chain with strong glue and paste the alphabet in both side.
after that paint it with any colour you like..
and cover all the threads with paint

Step 5: Key Ring

and then take chain of any keyring and attach with the case chain holder and thats your keyring come plectrum holder°°°°°°°°



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    Nice work ;) I made similar pick case from leather, so you can check it out :)