Picture of guitar sound effects
One day i searched on Youtube for Herman Li guitar effects and wondered if i could do some of the sounds without a whammy bar. I finally figured out a few of them (and another one not in Herman's video). So, i now tell you how to do these cool effects!
(Note: i will try to get pictures tomorrow.)

Step 1: Pacman noise

Picture of pacman noise
in the Herman Li video, Herman unscrewed his whammy bar, palm muted all his strings, and lightly dragged the bar over his middle pickup. i dont have a whammy bar or a middle pickup so i found an allen wrench (most metal objects will work; i could do it with the plug from a pair of headphones) and drag it over where your middle pickup is or where it would be. for the ghost sound, lay bar shaped metal object over strings and drag across while wiggling. i couldnt find my allen wrench in the pic so i just picked up my cable.
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This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
quadracer1 year ago
This is "Dime bombing".
death_cult4 years ago
oh sure mention dragonforce every chance you get, but one you get a signature pantera move on there suddenly its just a thing.
peach_fart (author)  death_cult4 years ago
well excuse me for not knowing who pantera was at the time. are you done with the rude comments, or do i need to show you the door?
Wow you are getting pretty defensive. These guys were just voicing their opinions, and in their opinion, you liking to butt-touch Herman Ri is offensive. Why don't for your next article you take the time to do a good job, instead of this D quality work, and listen to some REAL music in the meantime.
death_cult4 years ago
for playing guitar and not knowing who dimebag darrell is, i shouldnt be, but ill let it slide because i can tell your learning. no one should be without the dive-bombs of cemetery gates.
just trying to be informatively appalled,
stay metal
fishgish5095 years ago
WOW many guitars in one
ttrat6 years ago
Dude wats up with the 12 neck guitar? (Stupid Question)-> Is it real?
peach_fart (author)  ttrat6 years ago
its real(i think)
ya there just not practical
I doubt it, I could photoshop the extra 11 easily.
Do it please, just to prove thats it could be real


they're just art guitars though.....they are functional....but not really meant to be played
Check out Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick
any way i could hear these sounds? descriptions of noises aren't the same thing as the noises themselves.
peach_fart (author)  neetrihtneves6 years ago
Sorry, I can't play them right now, one of my strings broke!