Guitar Chords


Introduction: Guitar Chords

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here is the 4 main chords you will need to know to play most songs

Step 1: Here Is Everything You Need

play all strings

Step 2: Play What It Says to Play Not to Hard

read the above

Step 3: Same As Last Step

read above

Step 4: Same As Last

same as last

Step 5: The End

all done



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    "X" means the strings you don't pluck (also called "Closed") and "O" means the strings that you do pluck (Also called "Open")

    x's are muted strings (either press a finger against them softly so they make no sound when strummed, or don't strum them at all), and the o's are open strings where there is no fret depressed but the string is still strummed.

    Thanks. I figured the O for open but didn't know the X was muted. When it said 'play all strings' and had an X, I just wondered what the X meant.

    Elaborate! You have the beginning of a really helpful instructable. I love your idea for an 'ible. Your topic is so interesting to me. thanks!

    These charts are certainly useful, but this instructable could use a lot more "instructions". Notice the low rating, when most instructables seem to have 4 or better. I think everyone would appreciate an explanation, suggested fingering, maybe some actual pictures.