This year I decided to go as a gumball machine. It's silly and a great excuse to wear copious amounts of pom poms. :D

I saw a picture on Pinterest and immediately went full on arms-flailing-that-is-so-adorable mode and knew I wanted to recreate the costume.

A gumball machine is a really great last minute costume!

P.S. Please pardon my lack of in progress photos. I made this costume from about 8:30 pm to 2 am on the 29th and somewhere along the way entirely forgot to pick up the camera. Ha!

P.P.S. This costume is WARM. The top doesn't breathe at all. But you will give and receive awesome fluffy hugs while wearing it. So I guess it evens out?

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • pom poms (any size you like, really - I used a mix of sizes. I pretty much bought out the whole stock at the Joanns near me.)
  • a red pencil/mini skirt (I made mine, more info in later steps!)
  • a black or white tank top
  • white felt
  • black felt
  • silver/grey felt
  • safety pins
  • glue gun + sticks

Pretty easy! I was able to complete this costume in about six hours, but I bet it will only take you a couple hours or so if you don't insist on making the skirt yourself. :D

<p>So awesome :)</p><p>Oh and a way to keep the tank top from getting glued together is to put a plastic bag or a cereal box or something in between the layers.</p>
<p>wins my vote for best dressed'</p><p>Big Jake</p>
<p>Yummy gummy! =}</p>
<p>Great idea</p>
There is this YouTuber called Lauren she made the same costume you have the same interests :)) her channel is &quot;LaurDIY&quot; check it out you might find something you like ;)))
adorable jess :D
<p>Lovely! :)</p>
<p>the out come SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!</p>
So amazing I'll have to try it! :)
<p>Awesome quick costume idea, voted</p>
<p>I just love this! It is so soft too!</p>
so cute!
<p>How clever! And such fun! Well done! :-) </p>
<p>I thought they were marshmallows, that would be a fun dress....</p><p>Nice job Jessy </p>
<p>Adorable!!! I love it!</p>
<p>Aww, thanks! :D</p>
Best last minute 1st place
<p>Haha, hooray!!</p>
Love it. Very original and creative.
<p>Thank you!</p>
Nothing like the last minute!
<p>Procrastination can be a great motivator :P</p>
that's awesome! nice build :)
<p>thank you! :D</p>
<p>That turned out great! I like the added details on your version. Seems like a great, not-too-complicated costume. </p>
<p>Thanks, sir! I tried to make the metal plate a little fancier since I felt like I really skimped on costume making this year. :)</p>
<p>SO fantastic & creative! Great job! </p>
<p>thank you! :D</p>
<p>So FLUFFY</p>
<p>all I could think of hahaha</p>
wonderful...loved it

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