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I"am enter this into the candy contest please vote!!!!!!!!!!!.   Gummy hearts are fun to do but as soon you are done I would put the pot  into hot water and leave it for about 20 min so you can get gummy gooey stuff off.


Biggsy (author)2011-02-15

These look great.... but would you considder perhaps making this into a full step by step instructable?

jennifer6118 (author)Biggsy2015-07-06

yea... I would agree with the fish guy... cause it would really be great if u can make make it into a step by step instructable

littlest pet shop (author)2011-02-28

MMMMMMMMM! they look tastey! yum!

TSC (author)2011-02-16

They tasted ok!

build52 (author)TSC2011-02-16

oh goody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

build52 (author)2011-02-15

maybe but next time I wil make a instructable

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