Picture of gummy worm ice cubes
Perfect for making Halloween cocktails and mocktails! And everyone needs to find ways to fit more candy into their diet this time of year. :D

And gummy worm ice cubes couldn't be more simple! Now everyone can have fancy drinks for the party.

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
  • ice cube trays
  • gummy worms (just the reg ones, not the sour ones!)
  • water
We added the ice cubes to Sprite, which was awesome. Kool-aid worked well, too! Coke worked fine, but you couldn't see the worms as well. Choose wisely!

If you'd like clear ice cubes, you'll need to use filtered water and boil it first.

Nice!!! Did you try using Sprite instead of water?

jessyratfink (author)  oneofakind31 year ago

I did! It didn't work nearly as well as water - the cubes were kinda crumbly and half frozen. But yummy. :)

MartinMakes2 years ago
Kids will love this.
bajablue2 years ago
This could give a great new meaning to Vodka-on-the-rocks, Jessy! ;-)
I can't wait to try this out.
omg i love the worms is so Yum!
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
hehehe i loved your idea. :D
rrkrose2 years ago
This sounds really cool! Did the gummy worms ever turn into goop because they were sitting in water?
This is a fun treat for a halloween party. you can just put a few in a glass!
jessyratfink (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
All of them stayed nice and firm! The outsides got a little slimy, but I figure that makes it better.

They do tend to swell a bit after being in the drink for a while... it's pretty gross. :P
Thanks! I will have to try these. They sound like they would be so good in sprite.
I bet the flavor of the gummy worms makes the Sprite tase better too!
PitStoP2 years ago
ewww worms.. =x