Step 2: Insert Gummy Worms, Fill With Water

I positioned my gummy worms so they'd hang out the top of the ice cubes.

If you use a measuring cup to pour in the water you won't disturb the worms as much. :D

I also tried some with Sprite! They came out a bit odd, like bubbly slushies. Fun to eat but not as useful as ice cubes. :P
<p>Nice!!! Did you try using Sprite instead of water?</p>
<p>I did! It didn't work nearly as well as water - the cubes were kinda crumbly and half frozen. But yummy. :)</p>
Kids will love this.
This could give a great new meaning to Vodka-on-the-rocks, Jessy! ;-)
I can't wait to try this out.
omg i love the worms is so Yum!
hehehe i loved your idea. :D
This sounds really cool! Did the gummy worms ever turn into goop because they were sitting in water?
This is a fun treat for a halloween party. you can just put a few in a glass!
All of them stayed nice and firm! The outsides got a little slimy, but I figure that makes it better. <br /> <br />They do tend to swell a bit after being in the drink for a while... it's pretty gross. :P
Thanks! I will have to try these. They sound like they would be so good in sprite.
I bet the flavor of the gummy worms makes the Sprite tase better too!
ewww worms.. =x

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