Hack a Computer Game!





Introduction: Hack a Computer Game!

nope this is not one of thos instructbles this on realy works! and you can just change in game numbers like lives, money, and the only thing you need is an free program! so lets get started

Step 1: Start Your Game

first of all you must download the program here:http://www.artmoney.ru/e_download_se.htm
then you must start your game i have used volfied as an example(reeeeaaaaaaly old game). after that you start ArtMoney.(sorry couldn't make in game screenshots)

Step 2: Now Lets Start Hacking!

you must start an game(savegame, whatever as long as you are not in some sort of menu(pause menu is good)) then look at the value you want to chance(like live) and memorise it then go to artmoney select the right procces and click search type in the value you want to search for(if you cant typ in your value try to select all from the list) when the search is complete at the left side there is a list of values now go to your game and chance your value(die one time, give some money) now go to artmoney and press filter then enter the new value in there, now the list at the left side becomes smaler repeat this step until there is only one left,

Step 3: Lets Chance Something!

when you only have on value left in the list select it and click the red arrow, now double click on the value an chance it, then go back to the game and go do something

note if it doen't apear to have chanced then do something with that value(die, spend money,) that is all!

and if you dont want to research every time you want to cheat yust save the table with the save button!



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    Please note this only works for single player games. Many values inc gold and health for Mmo games are held server side so its no go. I have experimented with this and it is easy to say hack diablo 2 and have infinite upgrade points and spells that go past the level cap of the game.

    i want to hack meez nation..so....email me at : Aaryannaholmes@gmail.com if u kno how to help

    You would better search on this site, they can help you with a hack for any game !

    Omg it didn't work and now I don't have anything at all no money no crowns. Nothing. ?????

    its hard to download it just keeps putting me on login.... :/

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    woah, old instructable. anyways, you're probably better off using cheat engine, it has a builting tutorial and works very similar to this. download here: http://www.cheatengine.org/

    how do i play my game

    if you find dark spore crack email me the website 2073357@gmail.com

    can anybody make a crack for darkspore

    This is good as we can change any game to make us win when we suicide our creature.

    this makes no sence

    Any way you can hack a PS3?

     probably, but i don't own one, so I wouldn't know. but presumably there has to be some way to achieve this on a ps3...

    an iBook G4 is mac laptop, it doesn't "like" .exe files :-( thanks fer the tip

    2 replies

    It does not run Executables because they are windows only.

    *bzzzt* wrong, executable is just a term for something you can run, pe executables are windows only, and this is a pe executable...