Picture of hack a computer game!
nope this is not one of thos instructbles this on realy works! and you can just change in game numbers like lives, money, and the only thing you need is an free program! so lets get started
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Step 1: Start your game

first of all you must download the program here:
then you must start your game i have used volfied as an example(reeeeaaaaaaly old game). after that you start ArtMoney.(sorry couldn't make in game screenshots)

Step 2: Now lets start hacking!

Picture of now lets start hacking!
you must start an game(savegame, whatever as long as you are not in some sort of menu(pause menu is good)) then look at the value you want to chance(like live) and memorise it then go to artmoney select the right procces and click search type in the value you want to search for(if you cant typ in your value try to select all from the list) when the search is complete at the left side there is a list of values now go to your game and chance your value(die one time, give some money) now go to artmoney and press filter then enter the new value in there, now the list at the left side becomes smaler repeat this step until there is only one left,

Step 3: Lets chance something!

Picture of lets chance something!
when you only have on value left in the list select it and click the red arrow, now double click on the value an chance it, then go back to the game and go do something

note if it doen't apear to have chanced then do something with that value(die, spend money,) that is all!

and if you dont want to research every time you want to cheat yust save the table with the save button!
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fang27721 month ago
Omg it didn't work and now I don't have anything at all no money no crowns. Nothing. ?????
izzswag112 years ago
its hard to download it just keeps putting me on login.... :/
lieuwe (author)  izzswag112 years ago
woah, old instructable. anyways, you're probably better off using cheat engine, it has a builting tutorial and works very similar to this. download here:
aneet3 years ago
how do i play my game
LBGSHI3 years ago
A little more in-depth work on computer and video game hacking can be found at .
pgarcia73 years ago
if you find dark spore crack email me the website
pgarcia73 years ago
can anybody make a crack for darkspore
zapper0673 years ago
This is good as we can change any game to make us win when we suicide our creature.
Portalman3 years ago
this makes no sence
kanonw4 years ago

Any way you can hack a PS3?

lieuwe (author)  x1RONF1STx4 years ago
 probably, but i don't own one, so I wouldn't know. but presumably there has to be some way to achieve this on a ps3...
smattman225 years ago
does it work for wow?
Monkey T.7 years ago
an iBook G4 is mac laptop, it doesn't "like" .exe files :-( thanks fer the tip
It does not run Executables because they are windows only.
lieuwe (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
*bzzzt* wrong, executable is just a term for something you can run, pe executables are windows only, and this is a pe executable...
ReCreate lieuwe5 years ago
Pe executable? I never heard of that before...
lieuwe (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
most people don't, it's a term you almost only hear when programming an OS, see for more info...
ReCreate lieuwe5 years ago
Well then...
lieuwe (author)  Monkey T.7 years ago
try searching google for a mac memory editor, don't know much about macs >.<
shikaku6 years ago
this is called a hex editor, and any will do
lieuwe (author)  shikaku6 years ago
this is NOT a hex editor, with a hex editor you edit the .exe file itself, with this you only read and change the RAM memory it uses(where the variables/numbers/text are stored), BTW:I don't use this anymore, you should use cheatengine, its WAAY better, and it comes with a tut
shikaku lieuwe6 years ago
no dude, i dont think you know what you're talking about. the thing you're explaining is a hex editor, woah, exactly what this is
lieuwe (author)  shikaku6 years ago
dude, I DO know what I'm talking about. a hex editor edits files, this edits memory(RAM memory, which stands for Random Axes Memory), it looks like you don't know what you're talking about
lieuwe (author)  lieuwe6 years ago
BTW:some virus scanners do say it's an hex-editor, but hex stands for hexidecimal, which is like binary, a way to write down numbers, a hex editor works with files, this doesn't
shikaku lieuwe6 years ago
oooh you know what RAM stands for. then you should also know that if it only changes RAM, it would only change variables the RAM changes, which means it would only work for the time you booted up the game. you would have to do it again next time. Also, Hexidecimal is not like binary. binary uses 1's and 0's while hexidecimal uses a bit more numbers, and letters
lieuwe (author)  shikaku5 years ago
i never said hex IS binary, it's LIKE binary, it's a base, a method off writing numbers down, binary is just base2 and hex is something like base16, and this program ONLY edits ram, and YES you have to redo it every time you start the game, you can however save tables, which remember the addresses you changed and change them automatically, if you save your game it is possible to leak some off your hacks into the savefile, which when loaded (unintentionally) re-applies your hacks, eg. you change your health to 9999999, if you then save the game, your health is written to a file, whel loaded your health is still 9999999, but that's basically the game hacking itself
wax54 shikaku6 years ago
hey hex is like binary in this way hex is the more complex and shortend version (ex. 10101010010100010100100 binary=5528A4 hex this 24 number string = 6 numbers they are both computer languages) i am 10 and i know this guys.
lieuwe (author)  shikaku6 years ago
dude, if you don't know what you're talking about, just shut up, because it DOES edit Ram, and yes when you restart you have to do it again, unless you load a table, but then the program would apply it again for you, now stop bugging me
lieuwe (author)  lieuwe6 years ago
oh, and I didn't say hex is EXACTLY like binary, but binary is a number system and hex is too, you can use decimal to write numbers down but you can also use hexidecimal or binary(why else would you be able to translate from hex to bin)
ReCreate lieuwe5 years ago
Random Access Memory
No i think its called a memory editor
This isn't a hack. Learn the difference between scripting and hacking. Scripts edit packet sequences to alter visual and sometimes functional effects of a game. Hacking actually requires more thought and work.
lieuwe (author)  martiansaregreen5 years ago
and why doesn't this qualify as a hack?"to devise or modify (a computer program), usually skillfully." which is exactly what i did, but i suggest using cheatengine, more powerfull than this, then you can actually modify the program assembly code, and this isn't scripting, scripting is creating a piece off text which is read by another program which then executes the commands in your text, similar to actual programing
rtardzach7 years ago
does anyone have any hacks for BF2? Please!
Derin rtardzach5 years ago
I used to play BF2.There are no cheat codes,but by editing a file with Notepad you unlock new weapons for each kit.
bradd5 years ago
dude i can do this without the program its simple if your good
00Grenade007 years ago
can you install cheat engine in linux
Not normally, but you could try running it under wine - got to for more info. No promises though - wine is by no means perfect! Otherwise, there's probably a memory editor available for linux that'll be packaged in a nice neat .deb or .rpm (or insert whatever other packaging format your distro uses here). Google is your friend.
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