Picture of Hack A PC Game
If your game is way too hard, or maybe too easy, you can change it (usually) by editing your saved files!
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Go to the little flag, start, whatever, and find my documents.

Step 2: Find your game

Picture of Find your game
Usually the game is in a folder all by itself, or maybe it'll be in "My Games".
It depends on the game. I'm showing you "Age Of Empires III".

Step 3: Open It

Picture of Open It
...You don't really need help do you?

Step 4: Find your Game

Picture of Find your Game

Step 5: Notepad

Picture of Notepad
Open it in notepad. Very straightforward.

Step 6: Find the part you want to change

Picture of Find the part you want to change
And type in new stuff
...hack a PC game or use your brain and finish the game.
Why did we need 3 steps just to open a game?
toogers5 years ago
would there be someway to do this with roblox?

Brennn107 years ago
Do you have any description on what to change?
belligerentbanana (author)  Brennn107 years ago
If you can identify an aspect of the game that you don't like, you can change that. It 's entirely dependant on the game though
Again, named the dog Carnage.
oh yeah... why the russians!!? french are better
Germans are BOMB! (>*I'm Part German*<)
PastTheVoid5 years ago
I wish the explorer dog for the Germans was a Basset Hound, 'Cause I named him Carnage.
would dawn of war work
bullitje7 years ago
hhm its notable , that this prolly only works on savegames that work with a engine programmed with c , wich is a verry limited amount of games, unless you play budgetgames. (im not sure at all though, dont flame me if im wrong :-) ) but this is generaly a good tuturial for a basic computer skill wich is using notepad to edit unkown formats, such as : .cfg, map, .mfc, .script and a whole lot of more , these are only the ones i actualy know that work in some games, for example i use wordpad to edit the .cfg's in my quake engine. some notable pointers for improvement of this tutorial are that instead of normal wordpad you can better use : wordpad mfc, as it cleans out "tab spaces" (no idee what the english word is) if you use normal wordpad in some situations you get all the text cramped together on 1 sentence filled with black dots , if you use wordpad mfc , then those black dots are translated into difrent lines.
that ( /\ ) is xml
Derin schimmi6 years ago

/ \
/ \
stupid ascii art
what is that ?
some ascii
awkrin6 years ago
man, u should of tell the people how to add a new unit/building, and stuff like that, not cheat. if the game is too hard, learn a strategy. I agree that classics campaigns are the hardest, but u can download the expansions(tad is the easiest)
belligerentbanana (author)  awkrin6 years ago
Well, the thing is, this site isn't a gaming site, so this isn't here to help people win, just a little trick that could prove useful, and a look at the things that can be done on the computer. This is a way to win, but I neither endorse nor recommend it. And since it's not a gaming site, I'm not going to post straegies and things like that on here.
locofocos6 years ago
The game Renegade Paintball had come config file that you could edit and change almost anything. I made all the guns fire perfectly, as in they instantly hit exactly where you point them :P
age of empires 3.. good game
dchall87 years ago
Y'all are missing the point. belligerentbanana has shown us how to do it, not what to do. It never occurred to me that it could be done, but now I know better. Experiment and see what you get. As long as you have the original CD you should be fine.
Cool, but what do I change? This is actually a cool discovery.
PetervG7 years ago
It's not helpful by saying "Fine the part you want to change, And type in the new stuff"
belligerentbanana (author)  PetervG7 years ago
The important part is the want. I can't tell you what to change. I have no clue what game you have, or what problems you have with it.
Wolf Seril7 years ago
This is great until the driver cross checks it with the information on the CD, realizes you CANT have 50 billion gold, and then refuses to run your game. That, or it just automatically runs your original game instead of the copy you made.
belligerentbanana (author)  Wolf Seril7 years ago
The copy's only there to replace the file you made if you screwed up. Say, by trying to give yourself fifty billion.
arnoldt7 years ago
Good idea, i usually find using cheat engine a lot easier