Hacking Cube World





Introduction: Hacking Cube World

i have had this cube world for a longish time an decided to hack 

Step 1: Opening

open it by reoving all the screws you see then it should butterfly open

Step 2: Killing Dat Noise

so if you own a cube world you know how annoying the noise can get so to shut just find the double wire in between the main circut broad and the gold thing (pizio). fun fact is you strip off the wire on the circuit  boards end an put an led where the wires from the circuit bored and the ones from the pizio connect you the led will light up corresponding  to the sound it would make

Step 3: Forced Tilting

if you use a wire or push butten to connect the secend solder connection to the others 

Step 4: End

so thats all i know how to do so far if you can do somthing cool with this or have a hack i dont know leve it in the comments



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    isnt there a mute button on those?

    how does this relate to an led?

    the part where i replace the speaker with a led

    I like to reuse the switch from it because it is hard to find a 4-direction tilt switch. Of course, pulling this things out, makes the game unusable.

    but what i was trying to do was replace the directional switch with push buttons or something and if i remember pulling it apart there a impossible to get to screws keeping the switch in place

    I just break the whole contraption out without worrying about the screws.

    i haven't seen one of those in years!!!!