Picture of hacking cube world
i have had this cube world for a longish time an decided to hack 

Step 1: Opening

Picture of opening
open it by reoving all the screws you see then it should butterfly open
inbox me? fam x x o o ;)
andrewbaker4 years ago
isnt there a mute button on those?
dombeef4 years ago
how does this relate to an led?
noobduino (author)  dombeef4 years ago
the part where i replace the speaker with a led
randofo4 years ago
I like to reuse the switch from it because it is hard to find a 4-direction tilt switch. Of course, pulling this things out, makes the game unusable.
noobduino (author)  randofo4 years ago
but what i was trying to do was replace the directional switch with push buttons or something and if i remember pulling it apart there a impossible to get to screws keeping the switch in place
I just break the whole contraption out without worrying about the screws.
i haven't seen one of those in years!!!!