Step 2: Round Peg Into Square Hole

Once the parts are gathered, you have to trash the lens cap and body cap. The clear plastic piece gets the middle cut out to the edges, same with the body cap. Note: I didnt remove the treads that lock the body cap to my camera. Most important. Also take time to note how the bayonet mount of the body cap attaches, so when this is finally assembled your bellows fit on right (i messed up on this part as you'll see later)

cost up to this point, 5$ for the titan body cap from hunts photo and video.
Ghetto-rigged extension tube! I like it!<br />
YIPPPPEEE A D50!!! LONG LIVE THE D50! (discontinued as of now..) More over, I do have a pic that's so fricking ressembling to the top one! Only, made with a reversed 50mm nikkor 1.8. BUY THIS. You ought to. D90 now..
I did this a while back with a minolta MD/MC bellows and used an EOS t-mount so I can use it on my canon slrs sooooooooo awesome
If your lens doesn't have manual aperture adjustment, you can set your desired aperture on the camera, and then press the depth of field preview button, and while holding it down, remove the lens. Your aperture will stay at what you set it as when you remove the lens.
a little clunky, but so are the bellows. Thanks for the tip!
I just got a minolta xg-a today and if I find some I will try this
best of luck! I need to visit home depot so i can design a bellows that doesnt need extra parts
Thanks! I'd love to see it if you do

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