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Introduction: Hackintosh: Imad (ibook Computer)

About: Hey guys, I'm just a guy that lives on an island hardly anyone knows about, right next to Seattle. My interests are the same as any 16 year old, computers, cars, biking, and just messing with stuff in general.

so, this is my latest project: the imad.

it is composed of an ibook, which the hinge was broken, so it wouldn't flip, and the screen is now on the main casing. it is called the imad because one of my friends whose name i will not mention thought of it. it is imad because it is a mash up of an ipad and an imac, because of the looks, not actual parts. anyway, the ipad because of the battery and wireless, but imac because of the looks, non touch screen, and flash and other stuff. but yea anyway hope you like it! and there is no cd drive

any help figuring out how to attach the screen? Im thinking Velcro...

im hoping to enter it in the usb contest, because it has 2 usb ports! so its elligable (technically)



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    Hacksaw to a laptop? Any instructable that involves destroying anything Apple is a great project in my book, great job. Try a chain saw next time for a accurate and precise destruction, toss some gasoline and a match after you complete your cuts. Caution make sure you use safety googles and have a fire extinguiser handy.

    P.S take they battery off, Apple products tend to explode under high tempertatures.

    P.P.S Make sure you are grounded when working with such delicate equiptment.

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    Ah, another anti-apple person. Welcome to the club

    I know this is a bit late, but make sure you don't completely seal the screen to the body, since iBooks are ventilated through the keyboard. Also, I think it would be worth taking a look at making it into a touchscreen tablet https://www.instructables.com/id/Hack-mac-laptop-to-be-a-mac-tablet/ I have this laptop at home, when it gets replaced, I'm thinking of doing this. : )

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    Thanks for the tips! its not too bad of a tablet, but sadly, this creation( This Specific one...) is now dead :( But, i'm making a thing, more sleek one, that will be touch screen!

    awes :( .
    How did it die?
    And what will you be making the new one out of?

    well, it died as in i tore it apart, took a hacksaw to it, nd cut the case in half....dont ask why, because i have no idea.....but now its going to be thinner, and better looking

    Haha...yea but theirs is projesionaly made, while mine is just made by a 13 year old... but i still like mine

    touch surface for lcd screen can be purchased somewhere on the web. It can give you a (very simple) touch surface. What about the keyboard ? Need an external one ?

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    yea, like i said, its basically a computer, like an imac, now. im thinking about installing a touch screen, but i need to find one first! and one that works with an ibook