Hadouken by New Technique!!


Introduction: Hadouken by New Technique!!

Let`s make some noise .......

Step 1: Capturing Overall View

Search on a big place to afford the jump of all persons
then plan the place of each jump for everyone.

Step 2: Begining of Hadouken

adjust your gear on continous shooting mode ,

then you have to capture more than 10 photos during the jump of each one.

Step 3: Be Crazy & Start Hadouken

Repeat step 2
for each person to get the best result

Step 4: Photoshop Time....

placing the best results of your shots in photoshop
then let`s make some noise :D to get the hadouken for all persons

begin to select the body of each person and take copy then paste it in the main photo
make that for each photo in order to collect all persons in one photo with good prespective

Step 5: Last Step .. Lightroom Time to Make Some Enhancement...!!



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    This technique is way cool. I love it! Welcome to Instructables.

    I would suggest adding some information about what Hadouken is, at the beginning of your Instructable. I had to look it up. :)

    1 reply

    Hadouken is a special attack in street fighter video game
    you can see more photos about it in this link