Hair Dryer Lamp Conversion





Introduction: Hair Dryer Lamp Conversion

About: i am an artist and musician. i make things of use out of things that no longer have use. i think the hip term is "upcycling." i post a lot of inspirational and entertainment videos on oc...

in this video i turn an old hair dryer (the headset kind, like in a salon) into a reading lamp/accent lamp with booze storage. cheers! -tim



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    thanks audrey. i'll have to check out that store! i made that video about a year ago and put it up here when i saw that contest. i have a ton of these types of vids on youtube. check 'em out when you have something else to avoid doing ;-) -tim

    thanks man! the chair this was in i turned in to a 150-watt ipod docking station with the subwoofer under your butt. i didn't film the making but you can see it here: