Halloween Cheeseburgers





Introduction: Halloween Cheeseburgers

Combine your love of grilling and all things spooky with Halloween cheeseburgers!
Even though fall is here and the weather is getting colder, it's not quite time to pack in your BBQ just yet. Using thick pre-sliced cheddar (or other yellow/orange cheese) cut out jack-o-lantern shapes and place them on your hamburgers for a scary version of a classic cheeseburger.

Leave your cheese slices wrapped and gently pierce the plastic and cut out your jack-o-lantern pattern. Leaving the cheese wrapped allows the cheese to stay in one piece and not split while cutting. Once all slices have faces it's time to cook your burgers, then gently place each Halloween cheese slice on your burgers. Wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt and then serve.

These fun cheeseburgers are bound to go fast, so better make a few extra!



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    That's pretty creative, but I personally don't see any point in doing it. You won't see it once you put the top bun on, and it just takes some of the cheese away from your burger...

    What a simple and impressive idea. Can't wait to make these :) Thank you for sharing

    These worked out great, even got the kids to eat veggie burgers (wife's idea, not mine!).

    I should have guessed these were yours. So fun!

    That looks really freakin good !!! yumm !!!