Introduction: Halloween Cookies: Pumpkin Style!

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It isn't difficult to make these cookies, so give it a try!

Step 1: Step1!

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You need 90 gram of flower, 50 gram of white caster sugar, 70 gram of butter (use small pieces), 1 sachet vanillasugar and a pinch of salt.
Put it al together in a bowl and start kneading.

Step 2: Step 2!

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Make a ball of it, put it in some foil and then you put it in the frige for 30 minutes!

Step 3: Step 3!

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Preheat the oven(180 degrees celcius or 350 fahrenheit), butter the griddle and put some flower on it. Make the dough flat, cut pumkins out of the dough and put them on the griddle.
Put the cookies in the oven and bake them for 20 minutes.

Step 4: Step 4!

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For the glaze; mix 50 gram of icing sugar, 1 tablespoon cacau, 1.5 tablespoon water. When the cookies are cooled you can make scary smilys on the cookies whit the glaze. bon appétit!


lstoolfire (author)2011-06-28

Is this just a sugar cookie that looks like a pumpkin? I'm trying to find out how to make sugar cookie-like pumpkin cookies...where I add actual pumpkin to the mix and keep them crisp.

lou1222 (author)lstoolfire2011-06-28

you could at it at step one, or you can mix it with the glaze

emilyvanleemput (author)lou12222012-09-13

wil niet betweterig zijn ofzo hoor (kan er niets aan doen, ben het gewoon...) maar een kleine spelling check kan geen kwaad.

srabel10 (author)2010-10-30

Very cute!!

lou1222 (author)2009-10-21


jessyratfink (author)2009-10-21

Those are really cute! :D

Bartboy (author)2009-10-21

They look great!

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