Picture of electronic sewing kit (pulse warmer)
The eyes on this Jack-o-lantern knitted wristband light up RED when you squeeze it.

I was already knitting a wrist band / pulse warmer when I thought: wouldn't it be fun it this could light up?! So I added some LEDs and a switch. This guide does not teach how to knit, as I assume you want to add lights to a piece you've already made.

In addition to the lights, switch, and battery, you will also need some conductive thread or some really thin wire for this project. This example was made with a ready-made kit from
http://www.aniomagic.com or you can learn how to make your own kit from http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~buechley/diy/diy_e_sewing.html

Disclaimer: the author sells the ready-made kits on Aniomagic's website.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The Electronic Sewing Kit (tm) from http://www.aniomagic.com contains:

- conductive thread
- two hand-made LED sequins
- a hand-made cloth switch
- a small, flat battery
- battery holder made from regular and condutive fabrics
- small patch of fabric

You can also get parts from other suppliers:

- Silver coated thread from Lame Lifesaver
- Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs): purchase from Digikey or your local RadioShack
- Tiny plastic switch from Digikey or your local RadioShack
- CR2032 battery: purchase from Digikey part #: P-189-ND (not shown in picture)
- CR2032 battery holder: purchase from Digikey part # 1061K-ND

See http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~buechley/diy/diy_e_sewing.html for further instructions, materials and tools if you decide to make your own kit.
in cold countries you could add a nichrome wire and use it as a hand heater!
bduffman7 years ago
there called sweet bands im with fenwick never herd of a pulse warmer ahha
Patrik7 years ago
Hm - I was really hoping for something that would light up in time with the beat of your pulse! :-D Should be possible to rig something up with an electrode on the inside of the wristband (or even a little mic), and a band-pass filter tuned to the right range of frequencies...
Fenwick7 years ago
I've never heard them called "pulse warmers". Very cool.