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Introduction: Halloween Wall Teaser

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Those of you who have been around a while know I do a large Haunted House at my home every year, this year we are changing the entrance and needed a wall, although this isn't finished there is enough to give you the idea and be able to recreate something similar if you chose. The main idea came from a picture a family member took in Orlando Florida, that wall probably cost a couple of thousand dollars, to date I have less than $5.us invested.

Step 1: Getting Started

There is a show on cable called "Hanging with Hackett" were the guy creates amazing stuff from found objects he calls obtainium, thats a FANTASTIC word and I quickly adopted it, I also came up with the word possibilium to cover the same found,scavaged,donated materials so one of the first steps is to peruse your pile of possibilium. I found some interior doors and dimensional lumber that looked like it would work

Step 2: Getting Started 2

For this project I needed a supply of skulls and other bones, I had seen an instructable that molded over the front of a skull with papier mache and adapted that technique to my tissue and paint method. First I made a stand for the skull I was going to copy using a screw through a container lid, then I hot glued store bought skeleton hands to a plastic bucket and covered both the skull and hands with aluminum foil. Back to the obtanium pile and I located some house paint which I thinned down with water and tinted with craft paint. First you apply some paint to the foil then inbed the tissue, this method uses a lot less paper than my other method (which you can see by searching my other ibles) it's also not as strong but its fine for this application. I made 9 skulls and 5 hands so far and haven't used up 3/4 of a roll of tissue.

Step 3: Lets Get Building !

I found that three 30" interior doors would just about fill the space I needed so I attached them together using a 1x4" across the back, wanting a foundation "stone" I added a couple 2x10"s across the bottom, now for the really tricky part, making it look like blocks.... OK, it's not that tricky, slap on a thick layer of paint and lay a papertowel in place, brush over it to embed it in the paint and add a second layer, repeat until you have a wall. Once the "wall" is dry, attach your skulls and other bones with hotglue and then cover the attachment point with more papertowels and paint...sorry no pics of any of that but I couldn't spare any of my 5 hands for the camera = (

Step 4: Stay Tuned

So like I said at the top, this isn't finished, I still need to attach some of the pieces, paint everything one color and then add more paint to make the blocks look more like rocks but for the finished wall you'll have to wait until after HALLOWEEN



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    Awesome job on turning the doors into walls. It actually looks like a wall! Would love to do something like this if I ever had the space to do a cool haunted house.

    1 reply

    Thank you, if you look at my 2011 Haunt "ible" there are several shots with the finished wall in the background, it does look amazingly realistic even up close. Every home Haunter has to start somewhere, if all you have is a front porch, make it the most awesome porch in the neighborhood, but be careful, home haunting can be extremely addicting !

    Awesome job on turning the doors into walls. It actually looks like a wall! Would love to do something like this if I ever had the space to do a cool haunted house.

    You mentioned a show called "Hanging with Hackett" The show sounded interesting so I tried looking it up and had a bit of trouble finding it. I believe the show is actually called "stuck with Hackett" is that correct?

    3 replies

    could be, I made the same mistake in another "ible", apparently the show was short lived around here because I haven't seen it in ages and even if the name of the show didn't make much of an impression on me, his use/creation of the obtainium word did. Obtainium and possibilium were used extensively by the entire staff during this years HAUNT build along with a couple of variations like createium and imagium. Thank you for commenting on this misfactoid of the "ible"

    Love your house btw. I work at The13thGate in baton rouge, LA. One of the top haunted houses in the country and I have to say I'm very impressed with your home haunt. Even more so for the fact it was mostly out of old recycled materials. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

    Thank you, I don't know if you've seen my other Haunt ibles but it all started when my kids were teens and wanted a party instead of trick or treating and then everyone got into scaring the trick or treaters and its evolved to where we are now. We had numerous comments comparing us favorably to local commercial Haunts this year and especially considering we're local and cheap ($1) compared to driving 2hrs and paying $60. We try to top our previous year each year and this year even impressed ourselves, of course we learned what didn't really work and are already planning a new layout. For more pictures you can look up Correa Ct Haunted House on facebook

    Creepy, I'd love to see it when it is finished!