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Hi do you love halo ? Dont you love master Chief now you can be him with this step by step instructable

Step 1: Materials

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1.pepakura designer
2.printable cardstock 

4.spray paint of any color

6.and glue

to download pepakura follow this link

Step 2: Pepakura

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go on pepakura designer and find a helmet you like and insert it on pepakura

Step 3: Print

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print out the helmet on the cardstock and cut out and fold and glue together

Step 4: Paint

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take your spray paint and spray your helmet lightly


DeanGallegos (author)2011-07-06

Awesome project this is what im doing right know but im only on the resin stage i hope mine comes out as good as yours.

rjumper (author)2011-07-03

You should give the link to this helmet my friends would freak if I made one.

cviramontes1 (author)2013-08-11

How do size it up to fit

guremek (author)2013-02-01

well .. how to insert this?

Survivor#1234 (author)2011-11-02

How much would all this cost?

techgeek10 (author)Survivor#12342011-11-06

around $30

Shirokage (author)2011-07-08

I've made one of these and you left out the steps between finishing the pep model and painting. Namely: Coating with resin, reinforcing with fiberglass, smoothing with bonding, sanding, sanding, more sanding, THEN painting.

Without those steps, the helmet won't look as smooth IF the card-stock holds it's shape during painting.

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