Introduction: Hammock in 5 Minutes.

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this Instructable shows one how to make a fully functional hammock in under 5 minutes with household supplies. 

Step 1: Materials

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Sheet (twin)
knife (Or anything that cuts)
10 feet of rope.

Step 2: Preparing the Sheet

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cut the sheet in half lengthwise, or at about 2 1/2 ft from the edge if its not a twin. 

Step 3: Tying the Rope.

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cut the rope in half, and tie each piece to the ends of the sheet using the sheet-bend knot.  will show you how, if you don't know.

Step 4: Finishing

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the last step: tie to a tree and relax.
Note- it may look incredibly thin, but it will widen when your in it.  


lolalltheway (author)2014-09-20

why not just fold the sheet in half?

ILoveOwls (author)2013-01-03

what are the measurements for a twin???

Chimex14 (author)2013-01-02

This is so simple.
I am definitely going to use it a time when on a campout.
Thanks man.

e.bender (author)2011-08-30

nice, simple.

i dunno if you put a rock in the sheet before you tied the sheetbend around it, but if you didn't that will make it much stronger.

ducktape.mac (author)2011-04-08

thanks for the instructable. i will definitely do this tomorrow my only concern is the weight limit. will a twin size support 120 pounds?

Rockser11 (author)ducktape.mac2011-05-25

if you make it right.

ducktape.mac (author)Rockser112011-05-26


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