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Introduction: Hand Eye Coordination Game--Wire Loop Game

A wire loop game is a game which involves guiding a metal loop along a serpentine length of wire without actually touching the loop to the wire. The loop and wire are connected to a power source in such a way that, if they touch, they form a closed electric circuit. The circuit includes a light- or sound-emitting device of some form, which indicates that the game has been lost.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Scrap piece of wooden block & some sticks
  • Stiff copper wire or any conducting stiff wire will do the work

Step 2: Make Two Chiselled Slots for the Wooden Stick

Step 3: Insert the Sticks and Use Your Mallet

Step 4: Connect the Stiff Wires Across the Wooden Sticks With Any Pattern

Step 5: Make a Loop

Step 6: Circuit (Important : See the Note Added to the Circuit)

Step 7: Clean the Copper Clad Board With IPA and Draw the Circuit With Permanent Marker

Or Use a laser print out and transfer the toner. Find the circuit wizard file to get the layout

Step 8: Dissolve the Etchant in Water. (HINT : Stronger the Solution Quicker the Etching Process)

Step 9: Let the Board Take Bath to Get Rid of Exposed Copper

Step 10: After Getting Rid of Exposed Copper. Give a Water Bath to the Board

Step 11: Wipe Off the Traces of Permanent Marker Using IPA

Step 12: Hold the Etched Board Against the Light to Find the Traces of Copper

Step 13: Mark N Drill Holes

Step 14: Fix the Components in Octopus. Check the Link for Build Instructions -->> Octopus

Step 15: Tin the Tip

Step 16: Apply Flux

Step 17: Solder

Step 18: Cut the Excess

Step 19: Remove the Excess Flux With IPA or It Will Corrode the Circuit

Step 20: Connect the Buzzer, Wire & Loop to the PCB and Solder / Secure the PCB With Hot Glue

Step 21: Insulate the End Points

Step 22: That's It. How to Play??

Start from one end without touching the wire reach the other end. If buzzer rings you've failed the task. Press the reset button and start over. Most important -->> Don't cheat like Mr.Bean that's why I never included the switch. Enjoy and test your hands.

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As you have selected a sensitive gate SCR, a resistor of say 100k from gate to 0V would help if someone has it falsely triggering. The sensitivity is 15µA typ. at 25°C and lowers with rising temperature and the handle with the loop may pick up any kind of noise, from fluorescent light, AM radio or (particularly) when ever a nearby cell phone transmit a burst (which they do on a regular basis).

I'm not saying that anyone will experience this, but some people trying to replicate your circuit may and a pull down will cure any tendency to false triggering.

Would be easy to test - just put a cell phone near the circuit and turn it on (or send a text) - cell phones have brutal pulse bursts with steep flanks.

Perhaps I should make one for my niece.

Have a nice day :)

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Since I'm from mechanical background. I have no idea about this. Surely I'm gonna experiment this.

Ha ha ha :D. really like that cover picture. I still remember that episode. Even I tried to make one when I watched it :).

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I know Mr.Bean was there this is awesome to make .

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You made it !,Even i planed to make one after watching mr been.Voted
why dont you participate on metal contest too?

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Yeah that would be good. Thanks for you're suggestion friend

I always wanted to make one when I saw the movie! Thanks for sharing!

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Good. Don't forget to post the pics under "I Made it"

Good. Don't forget to post the pics under "I Made it"

Luffy, Post the Pictures when it's done.

I remember the Mr.Bean scene... I've laughed a lot. I think, If I try to do it, I will follow the Mr.Bean method... :p

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Only Mr.Bean is capable of doing those tricks. If you make one, Kindly post the link Here!!!