I wanted to show how i carve wood (and metal ,see one of my other instructables) without a lathe.
So i had to make something ,and came up with this ....
A wooden hand grenade wich can also open your beer.
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Step 1: Drill a hole

Picture of drill a hole
I took a piece of 7x7 with a length of 9 cm and drilled a hole in the center ,all the way through.

Step 2: Put the rod in

Picture of put the rod in
Put a threaded rod in of approx. 14 cm and tighten it with two washers and nuts.

Step 3: The lathe

Picture of the lathe
Put the piece in your drill and your drill in a vise.
Be carefull not to break your drill ,maybe add some tie wraps to fasten your drill in the vise.

Step 4: The removal

Picture of the removal
I always us a flap disc in a grinder to carve away the wood.
Put the drill and the grinder on and put the flap disc slowly towards the wood and start carving.

Step 5: The result

Picture of the result
After a few minutes it will look something like this.

Step 6: The grooves

Picture of the grooves
I used a file to make the horizontal grooves also with the drill on.
And some sand paper to finish it .

Step 7: The result

Picture of the result
I added a piece of aluminium and the threaded rod through the hole with some nuts.
Drilled the bottem a bit bigger for the nut and fastened the handle with a screw and a piece of nylon.
After a few beers the aluminium bended so i had to make it a bit shorter or i had to replace it with a stronger material.
Maybe it would look better painted black and with vertical grooves ,but just made it to show the drill and grinder technike.

Easy made it in woodshop

PeckLauros3 years ago
Nice! Easy to use, easy and cheap to make. Five stars!
bgarms7553 years ago
Mr Dream, i would just like to say that i have a lathe, drill press bla bla bla but i didnt always have them do to money issues. the fact they you were able to think outside the box and create such a cool piece of work with the tools you had available means you are probably more of a craftsman than most of the people butting comments on your wall.
You keep up the good work, be safe, and always think outside the box, never limit yourself or your ideas by saying well if i had a lathe i could.

you are a true artist keep it up i hope to see more post on here from you.

Safety first
cybergod4 years ago
I love the idea, but the technique worries me. Guess I am lucky to have a wood lathe. I wouldn't recommend the method you are using, but I suppose desperate time . . . . .
A tool is only limited by the hands its in.
Awesome philosophy!
dstanton-24 years ago
Just so everyone is aware, a drill is NOT a mill or a lathe, it is designed only for going straight into material. It does not have axial bearing for loads perpendicular to the spindle. this will be very bad for your drill.

Guess what? People have been using drill presses as lathes for years, there are whole books devoted to the subject. Get the facts straight before putting your foot in your mouth.
Just because it will work doesn't stop it being bad for the bearings...
If he was turning metal, sure. Wood stock removal with a sander and cutting shallow reliefs probably don't add up to much bother for it.
most Drill presses will be fine doing stuff like this But a hand drill not so much
a drill press has much bigger bearings spaced apart witch help a lot with side loads
ever seen a milling block. i use them all day.

you can even get a small cheep drill press and make a mount for it so its sideways
to do much bigger things like a baseball bat. most have good 15mm+ bearings and more then one set plus changing the belts will help. it adds some level of slip witch will help the motor live longer
but if you think your going to do more then 2-3 just get a desktop unit from like harbor fright or some place i seen small units well under 100$

most hand drills only have one side to side bearing (just to keep it centered) and good thrust bearings as that's where the load is
add to it most drills are not meant to be on at high speed for any long time period.

well that's my 2cents
I would imagine a piece of wood that size wouldn't be so heavy as to damage the drill, although I'm not sure about the forces involved in holding a file/flap disc onto the material
I love the makeshift lathe!
agreed ;-)
me too
benduy4 years ago
anyone heard of a cap zapa? google them they rule, put one inside a 'grenade" shell, now were talking
When I saw the name of this, I thought it should be an old grenade that's been modded on the bottom to open bottles.....Oo...I should do that...
Mrballeng4 years ago
Proper grip, thumb to clip, twist pull pin, take a peak, prepare to throw, DRINK!!!
haha, love it!
vherrera4 years ago
So the metal doesn't bend, you can put that litlle support on the side, a litlle bit more down, so it gives you more strength when you open a beer. And with the vertical lines, it will look amazing
Tinworm4 years ago
Thanks. This is really useful!
mased0074 years ago
i will make one of this . ThanX this is good idea.
jongscx4 years ago
So you didn't Not have a lathe... you just didn't have a proper one...
This is wonderful!