Introduction: Hand Held Electromagnet

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12" 1x1, 3in. finish nail, 4' copper wire,electrical tape, 9v C battery if you are looking for a more powerful electromagnet. if you are not you can use a smaller battery.

hammer, wire cutter,

sorry about the bad pictures

Step 1: Getting Started

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hammer the nail about 1/2 an inch into the center of the 1x1.

Step 2: Hard Part (also Tedious)

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wrap the wire around the nail tightly,leaving about three inches and making sure there is no bumps or spaces inbetween the wire,

Step 3: Cutting Wire

cut the wire at the top at about five inches

Step 4: Finishing Up

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when you have completed these steps tape the 9v battery onto the 1x1 making sure it is close enough to the nail that both wires can reach. connect the two wires to the terminals of the battery.

Step 5: Your Done

battery and wires may get very hot! do not leave battery conncted to long because remember you are shorting out the battery!

careful have fun ljm911



It might be easier to see what you're doing and stuff if you take pictures against a plain white background. Thanks for posting your project!

yea at the time I had a fairly bad camera. and your welcome

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