Introduction: Handmade Gift for Parents Anniversary From Me..

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now days come to enjoy my parents 24th anniversery.
so i try to make a surprise gift for them..
u can also try for your loveone's

Step 1: Material Used

cardboard sheet
handmade paper(red,orange)
wooden alphabets for matter to dedication
4 led blue colour & battery
double box photoframe
and some other materials,,,,

Step 2: Cutting and Pasting

draw the whole arrangement on card board
then paste thermocol on it
then orange colour then cut heart shape on thermocol and paper only.
add led with saftey inside heart cutting then paint with mixture blue colour and blue sparkale in it.

cut a new hollow heath shape covering led and paste it on the heart!

Step 3: To Be Continued...


Tronclay (author)2015-02-17

That's really nice, awesome job I bet they will treasure that forever!

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