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my friggin MP3 player keeps freezing periodically so I was at work trying to figure it out. it was like frozen up for 3 hours until i could find a paperclip this weekend while snowshoeing. it sucked...
so I came up with this

Step 1: The Right Size

make sure you find a piece of wire that actually fits in the reset hole. this time size does matter...

Step 2: Paperclip

use the bent end of the paper clip, this makes a nicer bend. it just makes it easier, trust me, if you use the flat section of the paperclip it just is more difficult.

Step 3: Bend the Clip

in my office i only had a pair of cutters so I had to bend the wire with that, a good pair of pliers would work better.

Step 4: Snip Off the Extra Wire

make it as small as possible, you dont want it snagging on somthing

Step 5: That's It

so when youve made the little reset tool, crimp it CAREFULLY around yopur headphone wire, seeing as I only had the wirecutters I was verry careful, I also bent the tool so it would lay flat against the wire

Hey, drills have chuck tools mounted on their cords, why dont MP3 players/ anything else that needs to be reset periodically come with this?



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    wow, i like what you did... The ZenV I did this instructable with ended up breaking and I got another one, the Zen V Plus... I havnt had to reset it nearly as much.

    Ughhh! I sent mine in a few weeks a ago.... Their warranty sucks!


    Excellent Instructable and a great idea, but dude, it is not okay for your music player to need a hard reset slot. Get an iPod.

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    I had so many more problems with ipods I gave up. To do the whole ipod thing have to have itunes(which doesn't work on my laptop), they cost too much, besides, everybody has them. For the price of a shuffle I got a player that has a screen so I can see what music I am playing and I can put photos on it. oh, yeah and I can drag and drop music from my computer at work, it has a microphone and a line in so I can record music from prettymuch anywhere.


    Makes sense. iTunes does assume a recent/powerful computer, and honestly, iPods work really badly on Windows, no matter what machine you have. Check out a Mac next time you upgrade. I know they're expensive, and I'm not one of those "you're an idiot if you don't have one" Mac users, but just give them a look. You might like what you see.

    No offense to you, but I've tried Macs because my school uses them. I can't stand them, but I will say that they are good for video editing. Anyways great ideal on the instructable josh.

    i usually have hated macintosh's but the new leopard macintosh's are pretty good

    I too, am not much of a Mac fan, and so I'm surprised I'm even saying this, but, in the interest of fairness and run-on sentences, your school probably doesn't have top-of-the-line Macs.

    the best of both worlds, when you buy computer, invest the extra cash and buy a top of the line mac and dual or even tri boot thats what im gona do when my windos box goes kaput, im gona get a macbook pro or a mac desktop model and invest in the extra processing power and graphics cards ect and have leopard, windows, and linux on it. mac computers have beastly procesing power and they are beastly computers, the mac OS has its + and - so just have all 3!

    Ipods work great if your running linux on them with a windows computer. Iboy anyone? But i would never pay for an ipod

    My iPod has frozen on more than one occasion. I wish it had a hard reset then... On a side note, Holding down menu and the center button will reset your ipod. (wish I knew this earlier)

    my e sansa 2600 has no hole for that but it restarts by holding the menu button for 15 secs

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    my sandisk sansa e130 was a great mp3 player, i also learned to do that with the menu button

    Thats a good tool and practical, thanks....

    Ingenious. Great idea and I hope it sorts itself out. By the way, the newish Creative players are really good. They don't have the cult style of iPods, but I personally think they look better in a different way.


    ironic... I havn't had to use it since I made it.

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    lol thats funny. I think?

    Good stuff. Procure a small bit of heatshrink and use it to hold the straight section of the clip against the bump in the cord. You'll be able to slide the paperclip out easily for use, but when tucked into the heatshrink, it shouldn't snag on stuff.

    hmmmm my sister has the same one and has to reset hers a shitload too