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Here's a way to reuse an old plastic soda bottle to help you get organized

Step 1: Required Items

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1 plastic soda bottle
one hot knife, or soldering iron with a blade attachment
fume mask

Step 2: Cut a Pie Slice Out of the Bottle

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Wearing your fume mask,

Begin by cutting away from the opening vertically downward with the hot knife.

The opening of the bottle is made of much thicker plastic, so this part takes patience.

If the bottle is dry, it will go faster.

If the interior of the bottle is wet, it can take an agonizingly long time to cut.

Apply very little downward pressure, just let the heat of the hot knife do the work.

Step 3: Remove the Pie Section

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Here is what the bottle looks like after you've cut away about 1/5th of its curvature.

Step 4: Cut Away the Lower Half of the Bottle

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The walls of the bottle are thin, so this part of the cutting will be swift

Step 5: Almost There

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At this point, all we need to do now is create some small holes for a screw to pass through and to round off any sharp edges.

Step 6:

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Step 7: The Unused Part of the Buffalo

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Here's a picture of the remainder of the bottle. 

Step 8: You Can Hang Things Up With It

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I'm using it hang up some extra extension chords.

Okay, that's it, thank you


Trustthapo (author)2012-02-20

If you found an old piece of wood and some leftover paint you could make the finished product look a little neater. I have some white paint left over from redoing my room, and I think I'll do this :D if you screwed the bottles to the wood instead of into the drywall then you could make an adjustable mount that you could hang in different rooms, etc.
Great 'ible, never thought of doing this!

foobear (author)Trustthapo2012-02-20

Interesting suggestions. I don't know what kind of paint would stick to a soda bottle. Maybe that krylon paint for plastic. I haven't tried it. I just like the idea of reusing soda bottles in some useful way... Thank you

dwmattes (author)foobear2012-02-25

For plastic I use spray KILZ . It is a spray white shellac. After using it you can spray any color on it. I tried the paint for plastic and it didn't work as well as this method.

Madrigorne (author)foobear2012-02-24

I have used this for making soda bottles look like lighthouses for bird feeder xmas presents (spelling corrected). It sticks VERY well.

EggHead101 (author)foobear2012-02-23

I would try the paint used in model car kits. Or go to the paint center in Lowes or some where and ask

paiwayne (author)2012-02-24

Wa! May I copy this idea ?

foobear (author)paiwayne2012-02-24

You know it!

the5thone (author)2012-02-24

good idea and simple

foobear (author)the5thone2012-02-24


GeekTinker (author)2012-02-24

With the help of a small clip, one of these could be used to keep small cords from falling between the wall and the desktop. Instead of screwing it into the wall or the desk, you could use some of those 3M double sided foam pads.

foobear (author)GeekTinker2012-02-24

good one!

Madrigorne (author)2012-02-24

if you use 2liter bottles you can use these to hang up your mop and broom and anything else that needs a hanger and doesn't have one. Use the other half to store the sponges and rubbergloves and spraybottles. Oh now I have so much to DO this afternoon...

foobear (author)Madrigorne2012-02-24

Excellent suggestion! I never purchase 2 liter bottle sizes, but I might, just to get the bottle! =)

psbrady1 (author)2012-02-24

Oh what a great idea. Love to recycle bottles. A little paint and it can match your decor! Ghetto is so not true if you fix it up! Thanks for another idea to recycle!! This is what I did with some. Made covers for little lites. So cool for a childs room.

foobear (author)psbrady12012-02-24

Wow! Very cool and inspiring!

agnivohneb (author)2012-02-20

You could use the other half that you cut off without throwing it out. Just cut a bit off the top so its not sticking out and screw that to the wall like the other half. Now you can place stuff like screws, nails, push pins, electronic components, even spare change.

GeekTinker (author)agnivohneb2012-02-24

That's a great suggestion! With my hobbies, I always seem to have various tiny bits around that need storage.

foobear (author)agnivohneb2012-02-20

that could work maybe, sure, good suggestion

janern (author)2012-02-24

Oh, oh, oh! That part could be hung on the wall also, as a place to put nuts and bolts or whatever small stuff. Just cut off most of the top, leaving enough material for easily screwing it to the wall. hmm, hope that's not the next step, i'll feel silly :-)

ChrysN (author)2012-02-23

So clever!

floatchick (author)2012-02-23

I like your idea immensely, reusing & recycling rocks.

Those of us that do not have a hot knife - or Dremel - you could get by with a box cutter, X-Acto knife or other utility knife. For safety, I would wear a glove in case the knife slips.

By doing so, you could skip the fumes & mask and that would make this project even more 'green'.

Well done.

danniaksevila (author)2012-02-20

You could spray paint them to match or jazz up your decor. There are even metallic spray paints if that's your thing. I think it's a great idea.

foobear (author)danniaksevila2012-02-20

cool thanks!

chrwei (author)foobear2012-02-23

be sure to look for paints that are made for plastic and stay flexible. There are also plastic pre-treatments that make the paint stick better. cost a little more, but the paint won't crack and flake and so will look better for far longer.

ilpug (author)2012-02-20

A great re use. Win!

foobear (author)ilpug2012-02-21

yes, I like the idea of making things from trash, thx!

cammers (author)2012-02-21

I like it! Well done.

foobear (author)cammers2012-02-21

yay! thx!

paganwonder (author)2012-02-20

Nice re-purpose. Great excuse to get out the hot knife (it seems a magical devise to me!)

foobear (author)paganwonder2012-02-21

yay, I love the hot knife too. Always misplacing it, so now I have two!

yoyology (author)2012-02-20

I've been thinking of something to store the dishwasher's faucet attachment. This might just be it. Thank you!

yoyology (author)yoyology2012-02-20

Et voila!

foobear (author)yoyology2012-02-21


bigbang (author)2012-02-19

Great idea! Not so glamorous but super practical, and tweakable. I also appreciate the fume mask recommendation, a lot of people forget how nasty these things can be. I also never knew there were blade attachments for soldering irons! Haha, great to learn new things :)

foobear (author)bigbang2012-02-20

The blade attachment for the soldering iron is my favorite thing about it! It came with other attachments too, also good. Great tool!

Bazzatron (author)2012-02-20

Any particular reason you chose to use a hot knife? I'd probably opt for a dremel cutting wheel for this, if only because it'd be faster.

Or did you try this and get disastrous results? :D

great 'ible, might pair it with some of those easy-remove glue pads for my dorm!

foobear (author)Bazzatron2012-02-20

I just like the smooth way the hot knife cuts plastics. But yeah, the fumes are a problem with the hot knife.

Thank you!

jessyratfink (author)2012-02-19

Oh, so fancy! This is a fantastic idea.

foobear (author)jessyratfink2012-02-19

Fancy, you say? Ghetto is more like it, but thank you for the thought! =)

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