Picture of hanged earrings holder
A year ago I made myself a jewelry holder that I can hang on the wall, that is because I hate my jewelry getting lost in boxes. My good friends were very fond of this holder and asked me to make them one to. My original holder was very complicated and I didn’t want to make another one (I was lazy ok?!) but I made an earring holder instead, a very simple one they can use. The advantage in this design is that you don’t have to take it of the wall to put on earrings without hooks.
I know that there are many guides for earring holders in the internet, but I though this one was a little different and very cute :)
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Step 1: The Materials

Picture of the Materials
1 wooden frame
Tin tacks
A fly net
picture hangers

You will also need:
a cutting knife
Something so punch little holes with
(a driller)

Step 2: Find a wooden picture frame you like

Picture of Find a wooden picture frame you like

For my project I used a canvas frame, but any frame will do just fine, decide on the design and size you like, you can choose any type, you can take a round frame too, whatever you like.

Step 3: Decide on the design

Picture of Decide on the design
Put your frame on a simple paper that can cover it completely.
Draw the boarders of the frame from the inside. Now draw the design you like inside the borders. One of the shapes have to be big!

*the shapes need to be at least 1cm far from the border of the frame, or it will not look well.
*the shapes need to be simple, easy to cut.
*Make sure the big shape is not to big (so there will be room for the grid around), and not to small (you need space for 2 frames and your net)

Cut the shapes out
Fantastic idea! I'm making one right now for my sister.

One question: what kind of glue did you use?

Also, if you're into necklaces as well as earrings, you should screw small metal hooks on the bottom (for hanging the necklaces).
nupharhall (author)  LindsayFester2 years ago
because it is cardboard pretty much any glue you use is ok, you can use UHU or anypurpose glue,
I did the hooks on the next piece I made :)
it is a good idia
This is cool! I was thinking about making something like this but it was just going to be a rectangular piece of mesh in a frame...your execution is way more decorative and pretty.
I love this! I would love to have one myself :)
nupharhall (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
go ahead and make one :)
its fun and cheap to make :D !!

It turned out so well! Love that you can put all types of earrings on it. :D