These are modeled after the hanging wall planter made by "woolly pockets" . This company is environmentally friendly and uses fabric made from recycled plastic bottles to make their planters. Consequently, the pockets are a little pricey for my budget. If you can afford it, I fully recommend supporting this company, but if you can't you can try out my method using cheaper, but less sustainable products. Or, you can always procure your own recycled materials to make these out of. I think next time around I'm going to try to make the liner out of plastic bags using the method shown here

Step 1: What You Need

1/2 yard of thick felt - i got mine from the fabric store for about $4 a yard
2 square feet of plastic - again, from the fabric store, pretty cheap
two sets of grommets - one package is about $3-$5
thread to match your felt
brown paper bag for the pattern

sewing machine (or if you're good at sewing by hand you could probably get away without a machine)
clothes iron or soldering iron
grommet tools to fit your grommets
pen or pencil
sewing pins

plant that will look nice in your pocket
potting soil

<p>I always thought that the reason they used felt was because it was breathable and the excess water would evaporate easily. Hmmm...adding plastic to the inside would help retain the water. Theoretically you could use any material on the outside...parts of old jackets, pants, etc.</p>
nice job!!
Thank you for posting this tutorial! I've had some felt in my favorite colors (not Woolly Pocket's offered colors) that I wanted to use for something like this. I've been considering the idea of dismantling one to get the pattern but have not found the extra cash. (I'm a student)
Now we just need a drip irrigation system for the whole wall of plants look :D <br>Thanks for the instructable!
cut out your plastic so that it matches the red dashed lines on the pattern- I do not see these.<br> I hope you clarify this as it is a great project, thanx.
great idea, it looks so diferent and a bag is not heavy so it can be placed easy
What a well written instruction and great pictures! I cant wait to get started! Thanks so much!
WELL DONE! Thanks for a great Idea!!!
Someone who does'nt like sewing can use old handbags, backpacks, bags. I see an excellent idea for my garden...

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