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This is the happy baby blanket and hat I made for my nephew.
The blanket was a featured Lion Brand pattern and the hat was a pattern of my own.
The orange and green yarn was from my stash, while the blue and grey yarn is Vanna's Choice.


sweetmom (author)2008-11-21

Wow....i have a blanket kinda like that, that my grandma made me when i was a baby. It has gotten snagged somewhere and is coming apart....i need help of how to fix it...please!!

Cazza (author)2008-10-04

I think this is gorgeous but how is this an instructable, there are no instructions.

bearswife (author)Cazza2008-10-05

Thanks Cazza. This wasn't technically an instructable, it was submitted to be part of a contest the robot was having. If you are interested in making it the pattern can be found on the Lion Brand website.

Cees (author)2008-01-05

Love the colors!

Agreed--beautiful colors! I love how bright it is.

Thanks, the niece is super pleased with it! Although she only displays it, she won't use it... I keep trying to reason with her, but as long as she's happy!

bearswife (author)Cees2008-01-06

My niece (it was her 2nd baby) LOVES orange. Unusual choice for a baby blanket, but they were thrilled.

deadalchemist (author)2008-01-06

Very nicely done! Is it just a giant granny square?

bearswife (author)deadalchemist2008-01-07

Thank You! Yep. You just keep going and going on the square until you are done... This was my first attempt at crocheting (I had been 'just' a knitter) so I was rather pleased with my efforts.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-05

Nice job, that's some insane work there, looks amazing! :-)

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