This is a little project,that show how work this jig, enjoy.........
rosewood5132 years ago
Nice Job copying the bench..., I have the Kreg Jig. I am making cabinets right now....
It is really a handy tool..
blkhawk3 years ago
You should change the title of your Instructable for Small Stool made with Pocket Joint Jig. It really doesn't matter which jig someone uses.
rozurc (author)  blkhawk3 years ago
Thank you blkhawk, next time , but I try to buy kreg and is too expensive and too much TV, and then I found the HB , ,,,
blkhawk rozurc3 years ago
What I am trying to say is that the idea of an instructable is to share what you have made. It doesn't matter what cheap or expensive tool you have used. This could be considered spamming, because you are giving more importance to where you got the tool and the tool itself than to the project that you have made. I am also a fan of HB tools, and yes I own a Kregg jig which I got before I knew that HB made their own version. The point that I try to make (and that you have missed) is that it does not matter which tool you use. What the community cares is how you have made your project.
blkhawk blkhawk3 years ago
By HB I meant Harbor Freight. My bad!
temper3 years ago
Sigh... AND I suppose you got it at half the price of my Kreg Jig Jr.

Pockets holes are good though aren't they?
I have this, use it often, and love it. And yes, it is much, MUCH, cheaper than a Kreg. Kreg, however offers lots of attachments for their jigs. You can always make your own of course.
>You can always make your own of course.

I wouldn't mind turning my Jr into a K4 (similar to HF Jig) - know of any plans? Preferably without the toggle clamp which are impossible to get around here.

try this
Neat - cheers. I actually had previously come across that as a thumbnail in a google image search but the associated web page was missing - so it's particularly good that I now have the source - thanks a lot.
rozurc (author)  CementTruck3 years ago
Thanks, is why we are here in INSTRUCTABLES, I like this place , I learn too much ,with guys like you
rozurc (author)  temper3 years ago
thank you my friend for watching and comment tks
lafnbear3 years ago
Great job, but... what about the ducks?
rozurc (author)  lafnbear3 years ago
Thanks ,anyway, sorry I owe you,I'm improvement my instrs