Hi in this instructable i'm gonna show you how to make a broomstick pencil! this can work with a pen but at the moment i was in need of a pencil! It is a fairly easy project as most of the equipment you should find in your house and take up to half an hour depending on what you have and how delicately you want to do it.

Step 1: The Base

First you need your basic pencil(or any pen), sharpened and ready to cover. Then you need some brown paper (i printed some off the internet ) to cover the pencil/pen. I used double-sided cellotape but you can use whatever works best. Stick the sellotape/glue onto the clear side of the brown paper then stick nice and tightly to the pencil/pen. This is the base.
<p>i love this tutorial!So cute!!</p>
Yeah I used some metal sticks that I just found! Sorry it's probably not helpful but you can always use some metal wires

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