Step 10: Put head in jar

Curling the laminated printout to fit through the jar neck the sheet was inserted, the jar was then topped off with water until full. The jar was then sealed. The head in a jar was now ready to be placed inside the fridge to prank hungry foragers.

I am interested in having a few of these made for Halloween. Is there anybody that is interested in helping me?
<p>Email me at levanoff@verizon.net, I can help you!</p>
<p>If anyone is looking for help in making the images to go in the jars, send me an email at levanoff@verizon.net, I can make them for you!</p>
<p>What about having a jar in a jar so the print is protected from the water?</p>
<p>it would look like a jar with a head in it inside a larger jar with fluid</p>
<p>He said to laminate the print first.</p>
<p>Which doesn't render jtmcdole's question invalid.</p>
<p>But does render it irrelevant. It is of course possible, but would necessitate unrequired effort and the result would be sub par.</p>
<p>&quot;unrequired&quot; == &quot;optional&quot; effort if one doesn't have or care for laminating. You also have no standing to sugest it would generate sub-par results.</p>
<p>Keeping to being &quot;positive and constructive&quot;, look at in analytically: A jar has a much smaller mouth than a body. Wide-mouth jars will have a same-size or larger mouth than the base. To fit a jar in a jar, you must make the inner jar smaller than the outer jar...that's just physics. Thus, your &quot;head&quot; image will be smaller than a single jar alone. Further, you will be able to see both the inner jar and it's lid, breaking the illusion. Result: tiny head, in a jar, in a jar. Not a head-in-a-jar. Some of us have goofed around and have observed the real-world...which gives us some standing. Instead of whining about other commenters having no standing...just do it your way and post a picture. Not a proof, but a data point showing full-, partial-, or no success. Have fun with it.</p>
<p>Lol you guys are like having a buisness scientist argument thing</p>
<p>Just saw your question but I do know this - trapped air, whether in a bottle inside a bottle or jar will look almost like a mirror. Hence, it will look as though you set a mirrored jar inside the jar. </p>
<p>The thing that pulls this off, is the refraction of the water to air (well water to glass to air) if you put an air filled jar inside the jar, it would just look like a piece of paper in a jar in a jar :) laminators are dirt cheap if you don't have one, and the thing that makes the lamination work, is that there's no air between the plastic and paper.</p>
<p>I am a Adobe Photoshop Expert with 15 years experience. I can create these pics for anyone that needs. You can email me at bpjaus at gmail dot com.</p>
Can anyone help me with this I'm looking at doing one of myself and one of my cats head, thanks very new user gav...
<p>Is anyone willing to create these images for me? If I send you the necessary pictures can you create the final image? I can pay you for your work. PayPal works if you are willing, I have a Halloween party I want them for on the 24th. I just am frustrated with trying to figure out the program, so if you are interested please let me know. I need 12 total.</p>
Happy to help with pics.
Hi are you willing to help with making pictures again this year?
Can I have your email? I will forward you a few to get started and work on getting the rest today. What kind of price did you have in mind?
<p>YES I AM interested and do this stuff for work all the time. please let me know. </p>
Hi David, I'm looking for 12 photos total by 24 October, please include email and cost your looking at also I can pay through PayPal.<br>Thanks!
<p>hi magsrootz, i'm willing to help. can you email me at atevhie@yahoo.com. thanks</p>
Are you willing to do these pictures again this year?
Are you willing to do these pictures again this year?
Can u do this picture and how much would it be
Hi David, I am looking for 12 photos to be made before a Halloween party on the 24th. I can send you what you need if you give me your email address. Can you tell me what kind of price you are looking for, and if I can pay you through PayPal? thanks.
<p>Is anyone who knows how to make these pictures willing to make some for me? I will pay you for each picture. I down loaded the program and tried myself but I cannot get it to look right. I am looking to have about 10 made for a Halloween party. </p>
<p>Hi wyld2006, when do you need those pictures? I can work on that. Here's my email address - atevhie@yahoo.com - Thanks</p>
<p>I wonder if I should stick a pair of... balls in it? ^^</p>
<p> Nice :)</p>
<p>Thank you for the brilliant tutorial, my daughter and I decided to take it to a different level...</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/N7qaQ0O1ebA" width="500"></iframe></p><p>and</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/FJWe2phJ8wU" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>Ha! This is the best version I've seen yet. Very clever, thanks for sharing such a fun video. Enjoy the Pro membership!</p>
<p>Hi, thank you so much! We are both gonna have a lot of fun with that. How do I upgrade or does it happen automatically<br>Mike</p>
<p>Worked pretty well for a headless man costume! People kept stopping to take pictures.</p>
<p>This is really cool! Great idea :)</p>
<p>Great stuff! Love that eerie glow.</p><p>Enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership!<br></p>
<p>That is awesome</p>
<p>oh Gruesome! </p>
<p>How freaky is this! that man looks like me! great job though!</p>
<p>Here is a couple pictures from pre-Halloween night of my head in a jar. I put it on the &quot;floating table&quot; next to where I was handing out candy.</p>
Floating table?
<p>I made a table top from scrape wood and held it up with a single black post. The post inner layer is a pipe that is buried into the ground to provide the structure and the outer layer is to directs fog up to the table top and falls out around the edges. It looks good in the dark. </p>
<p>Yikes, that looks good on the table.</p><p>Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the 3-month Pro Membership!</p>
<p>Thanks, Mike! This was an awesome project for me and my daughter. This is what my wife will see when she gets home today (see photos). Thanks again!</p>
<p>You should film your wife's reaction, and upload it to http://www.iprank.tv. A lot of people will like this.</p>
Unfortunately, it happened back on Halloween and I didn't have my video camera ready. Here's to next year! :)

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