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some month ago i broke the bow of my headphones. I thought it would be a good idea to keep the headphones, because I might use them some other time.
I usually used to wear a hat under my headphones, so i had the idea to make my own "headphone hat".

In order to build that headphone hat yourself, you will need the following material:

first of all, you will need
a hat with douple layers
headphones (I used the Sony clip headphones)
lighter- but- only if you have a hat made of synthetic textile, otherwise, if you have a cotton-made hat, you will need needle and thread
paper and pencil to make a mask
a screwdriver

Step 1: Deconstruct Headphones

Picture of Deconstruct Headphones

-get rid of the bow and the ear cushions (for that you will not need any tools)
-remove the screws

Step 2: Make a Mask

Picture of Make a Mask

-blueprint the form of the inner parts of the speaker (distinguish between the left and the right one)
-cut them out

Step 3: Cuting Holes in the Hat

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-put the hat on and mark the spots on the hat where the headphones are gonna be placed
-put the mask of the inner parts on the marked spots of the hat and with the help of a pencil, circle around the mask
-cut out the marked spots on the outer layer of the hat only and keep in mind that the hat material might strech out (so you rather make it a little smaller than mask)

Step 4: Seal the Egdes of the Holes

Picture of Seal the Egdes of the Holes

seal the egdes of the holes
-burn the egdes of the holes in order to prevent the unraveling of the textile
-in case you have cotton hat sew the egdes

Step 5: Install the Headphones

Picture of Install the Headphones

install the headphones
- put the inner side of the headphone in the hole
-put the two parts of the headphone together
-fasten the srews from the inside of the hat

this is the way i built my headphone hat. this is just one possibility to do that. feel free to make you own experiment.
By the way, headphone hats rock!!!


mommyofpj (author)2012-05-22

what is the name of the headphones? because it doesn't look like the sony clip

xxpanama (author)mommyofpj2012-05-25

i think it is the Sony MDR-V150B- it's some years ago! maybe they build it in a different way now!? but i think it will work.
i still use those! but i have to change the color of the head- it is to flashy!

Wi11 (author)2011-07-18

That's a snazzy idea!

NatureBoom21 (author)2009-09-11

OOOHHHH better do this soon!

Badger_Man (author)2008-12-28

great idea, my skull candy just broke at the limb, so this could'nt have come at a better time

btw, love your name Doctor What =)

Doctor What (author)2008-12-28

This is an awesome idea! Perfect for winter.

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